Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back To Square One

Received from my p-orb yesterday and I'm not sure how she knew I was struggling, or what incentivized her to write me but out of the blue, my p-orb sent this:

"And thought you could use a reminder...
The Tip Top 10 (of many) Reasons Why J should go to med school
(Disclaimer: these are all subject to Olivia's personal opinion, and while they do reflect the facts, they are not directly from the source)
10. Because money is just linen and cotton
9.  Because you would totally rock the lab coat
8. Because you survived O-Chem
7. Because you are excellent at managing people, hence the MD and not a different path in the field
6. Because you have a phenomenal support system
5. Because you love, love, love helping people, and what better way to do so
4. Because life after med school will provide you with stability
3. Because you are an intelligent woman who has more drive than your typical med student
2. Because you've sacrificed so much and have come so far
1. Because the little girl inside you who has dreamed of this their entire life wants to"

And this seems appropriate ... oldie but goodie:

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