Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gen Chem - Circa 2009

I learned a lot, or rather, got retaught a lot.  And did well, I might add.

Sitting through Kaplan tonight was akin to ... well, it was bad and I'm glad I had the gen chem back then... so long ago (5 years - holy shit).

See, I can remember all the periodic trends (on MCAT) and the definitions of all the theories (on MCAT), how to apply them (on MCAT), relationships between P T V, (on MCAT) most of the formulas (on MCAT), and VSEPR (on MCAT)...

Instructor called it V-PRES  not VES pur like the rest of us...  he also confused inverse and indirect; flipped an answer from right to wrong, drew the wrong Lewis dot structures, and got charge wrong.

Seriously.  5 years and I could teach that buttttttt

There was a passage regarding ions.  So I don't get myself in trouble with Kaplan I won't repeat their passage (as that's proprietary information) but I will give you a similar example.

Of the four following molecules which one has the best conductivity:

[Mn(NH3)5 Cl]SO4

I said the one with sodium (that metal thing, you know, far left side of periodic table, conductive, malleable, creates a really good solution with conducts electricity???).

It has 4 ions, where as the others only 2 (derp).  The charge is irrelevant in this example because shortly after seeing more ions, the charge doesn't matter... if same number of ions then I'd look at what was involved and still come up with Na...

Kaplan didn't need to teach me that.  Instructor's response?

"I didn't want to call you out on that but what if the Na were Na 2 instead of 3?"

Well, duh.  The Na 3 would still win because of greater number of ions.

He then said, "well, if you want a guaranteed increase in score you must do it our way..."

Guaranteed score increase?  I don't care about that, I care about my one shot at the MCAT on 1/15.  That's it.

The kicker?

"If you want to bring in outside knowledge to class, that's fine just know that's not the Kaplan way."

ORLY??? you mean the $15,000 I spent to get the 3.9 in land granting university classes was not supposed to be used on the MCAT?


oh boy.

Thank God I had gen chem taught by someone who could teach (and not get confused with inverse and indirect) ... despite that he was creepy, he could teach.

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