Saturday, October 4, 2014

Khan Academy

Oooh boy, while I have the biochem down pretty well, biology is seemingly going to be good, chemistry (both gen and orgo) will be fine (review required), physics is going to kick my ass.

See, back in 2010 when I was actually taking physics, I was getting a dreaded "B" so, I withdrew.  Panic had set in during one of the worst years of my life and panic won.

Physics.  I loved the class, the professor was awesome, but panic.

And now here I sit, Kaplan books in front of me, getting questions on basic principles wrong and the savior?

Khan Academy!

Whoo hoo - had it recommended to me while taking the other pre-reqs but it didn't help much because the expectation of my professors was far beyond what was available back then.

Today, however, it's saving my butt.

A sample:

    Acceleration: Calculating the acceleration of a Porsche

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