Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yes, This Is A Difficult Journey

And yes, it is very unlikely I will ever see an invitation to join a matriculating class.

At 50, I'm running - or have run - out of time.

My energy is the same as my younger brethren, my mental agility just as solid but the calendar says I should be planning to use my AARP membership now instead of laughing in its face and moving to studying.

I AM studying.  Just covered the kidney with all it's osmolarity (gen chem) and ions with acids and bases (gen chem) and mechanisms (ochem), membrane transport (physiology) and hormones (biochem and physics).  As questions spun through the live on-line session of Kaplan, I answered 10 of 12 questions right...

One, I disagree on the answer choice because direct means A --> B, B --- > C, not A ---B and C... anyway, I digress.

10/12 is 83% which is not good enough for med school... and that was on a comfy laptop, at home, in the comfort of my sweats and diet coke.

83% will not get me into med school coupled with my age... I know that.

But I am not giving up, though that would make my life easier.

Tomorrow I plug back into physics and draw biology.  Th it will be gen chem - though I think I'm doing alright there - mastery of the equations ... and then AAMC full lengths from 12/15 to test day.

Never thought this would be easy and I'm not complaining.  I chose to step my toe back into the pond fully aware the odds are heavily stacked against me.

I was telling my dad last night as we discussed events occurring around the country.

Life is not fair.  Bad things happen to good people.  Good people doing the right thing get trampled.

I'm one of those people.  Every time the ... I got stomped.  But in getting stomped I had a choice:

I could be a thug


I could be the one who continued to fight for what was right and take the high road.

I will never be a thug.  Ever... even if life is not fair.

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NoDoctorsNamedMegan said...

I know I'm a little late commenting on this post, but I want you to know that I love your blog and I am so rooting for you!