Friday, April 3, 2015

Multiple Myeloma

I hope not.

I'll just keep thinking to myself: "Lab error"  :)

Normal Na+, K+, high Cl-, high CO2 = low anion gap

#1 cause is lab error
#2 cause is hypoabluminemia (low albumin)
#3 cause is multiple myeloma (although very rare)

My albumin stats are normal.  In fact everything was normal (immunoglobs were not tested) except for Cl- and CO2.

I am outside the parameters for typical multiple myeloma patients: age, race, and environmental factors.

I also do not fit the models for symptoms in any area.

The test was given 4 years ago.  Given the statistical prognosis for longevity, IF I had multiple myeloma back then, I would think I would be symptomatic now... or deceased.

I am not :)

It has to be lab error and while I will go Monday and have the work up redone, for a brief few hours (and overnight), I was semi-freaked out.


BobAndTammie Conder said...

Thinking good thoughts.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you - it sort of freaked me out to see my results.