Monday, April 20, 2015

Physician Meeting - MCAT Accommodations

My $$$ is worth something apparently.  Because for 15 minutes spent over 2 days, I paid $300 to be told...

well, wait:

And then there's this which apparently, I must remember:

Oh yeah.  I got asked in no particular order:

Do you know how much it is to go to medical school and get through residency?  (yes)

And you have the money to pay for that? (yes, and then briefly explained)

And you think that somehow your age, what will you be, 52 when you start?  and most likely older as you won't get accepted first round so 53 or 54?   so you think you'll somehow get accepted at your age?  (yes, I think I'm well qualified and those schools who are known to not be amenable to older candidates are not on my list)

So, you think that the schools won't let you in? (yes, I believe there are some schools that will not lend themselves to my package and therefore, are not on my list of potential schools)

You brought up panic attacks.  You think it's okay that when you're having a patient in cardiac arrest to panic?  (that does not happen, it was situational on one gen chem exam which is when I was diagnosed)

What's your backup plan?  (what do you mean exactly)

What do you plan to do when you don't get into medical school because frankly, I don't think you will. (I think my odds and total package are solid and I believe I will get in; somewhere, the adcoms will overlook my age and look at everything else; which is very competitive.)

Really.  You have talked to people who matter about this? (you mean like adcom members, deans of medical schools, professors, medical personnel, those types of people?  then yes, I have.  Not one has dissuaded me from the pursuit.)

Good luck to you - I don't think you'll get in.

For that, I paid $300 and none of that had to do with my MCAT accommodations which is what I asked him for help with... which he said LAST week, he would do.

All I can do is say he has prepared me for the questions I surely will get in an interview.  I'll be ready.

That, or I'll be singing funny old people med school songs on a stage with a guitar and piano :)

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njdr2b said...

INCREDIBLE!!!! NOW IMAGINE IF HE PUT THAT ENERGY INTO ENCOURAGING YOU? That guy and others like him are what makes me all the more determined to be successful to get into med school. What a waste of money and time. I guess that's why I would rather deal with the adcoms than the "so-called" independent med school counselors. Really disgusting!!!! I'm furious at his arrogance and blatant discrimination and age bashing. Can't believe he thinks he's doing something constructive and somehow valuable. Unbelievable... The best thing you walked away with is an arsenal of responses... Very well put in all of your responses.... ROOTING FOR YOU ALL THE WAY!!! WE WILL BOTH BE THE SAME AGE WHEN IT IS OVER.. OUR MD IS COMING!!!! DELAYED IS NOT DENIED!!!