Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Physics, Work (Not related to Joule's) & A's

Applications for MD (allopathic medical schools) opened up in early June.  I had mine ready to go but had just gotten my first exam back in physics.

Less than stellar is how I'd look at it.  Not bad but not a solid "A" ... having not had geometry in almost 30 years, the displacement around a circle was a guestimation exercise.

There were many times throughout the first 8 weeks of the semester of physics (8 weeks being the full semester, by the way) that I was going to give up.  Throw in the towel (yet again), walk away, say, "I AM too old" or "I am not worthy" or "the naysayers are right, I should not look at medical school as the makeawish foundation for old aged dreams" (sorry, Goro - that will stick with me for life).

After the 2nd test, it took my son - who is in the class - to keep me in it.

"Don't give up, Mom.  You can't.  Here's what we're gonna do" to help me from imploding.

See, on the 2nd exam there was a missing variable in the problem and because I'm accommodated, I did not get the variable and then went from missing one variable to thinking I should quit school.

That's the coupling between severe ADHD (99%) and performance anxiety.

BUT ... and this was critical for me.

I did not give up on the test and walk out. I finished it.  A small win for most but huge for me.  I did not give up.

I failed the thing to be sure but I did not give up.

And then I learned a new studying technique from the professor.  Take every problem and write what I learned from it no matter how minor.

I did that.

Then I drew links between problems.

Then I drew derivatives of problems and links to other problems...

And yesterday?

I got an "A" on the final.  

Well, the pre-final.  But an "A" and now?

I sit with a 94% in physics overall.

Message to those who think they should give up?


Dig in.  Figure out why you are not getting the information.  Figure out what to do differently.

And listen to this = which I heard long before it was popular (and it is my mantra for I do believe!)