Saturday, June 11, 2016

Oh Robin -

Many years ago now, life was really handing me some brutally difficult times.  I have often said that 2010 was the 2nd worst year of my life only the to the year my son died.

Without belaboring the muck again there were flashlights moving between my house and the guest house (yes, I was pretty wealthy back then), I hid under my desk.  Playing World of Warcraft.  On my druid.

Trade chat is often times a wide open troll with those who are good keeping the conversation going into the abyss that is trolling and then there was one.

He was spectacular.  Witty, sharp tongued, almost nasty.  He started in on me.  While I hid under my desk.  I begged him to stop in private.  He and I started talking.  Those conversations lasted years.

He'd often told me he'd help, that he had some money, that'd he'd been successful in LA.

I didn't believe him because - you know - everyone is 6'6" and 220 lbs on the internet, right?

Well, shortly before Robin passed away, those conversations stopped.  I never knew it was him, never knew he played on our server.  Until, that is, after he passed.

I think the anonymity of players is why many celebrities play.  They can be who they are without anyone ever knowing.  As it was... with Robin.

Robin - I wish you knew... as you wanted me to be.


Miss you greatly my human priest friend.

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