Thursday, June 30, 2016

Public Comments - Being Careful

It is an unfortunate day when the great country fell to people who are uneducated, resort to name calling and can't carry a decent conversation about politics without becoming rude, obnoxious, condescending, and worse.

After the Bush election with Gore, it seemed like the mud slinging didn't end with the candidates, it flung onto those who supported either one of them.

That is pretty pathetic and a very good indicator what is really wrong with this country.

Uneducated people, being misinformed by people with no other outlet than the internet, elected a President who connected with them only because he was "cool" and "educated" and yes, black.  He said the right things, did the cool things like sit at a basketball game with Jay Z (the cheater), drank beer like an every day guy.

The uneducated - in droves - voted for him and he will thankfully leave office in less than 7 months.

Obviously, I didn't vote for him either time.  In 2008, I simply did not vote as Palin is a sham which indicated McCain was not thinking straight.

This election has me pondering the same thing.

I don't mind discussing politics, and love hearing other people's point of view.  I can do so without name calling, insulting commentary, obnoxious and inflammatory remarks.  It's what education does for someone, it's what class is all about.

Yesterday, my twitter blew up because I typed #NoClinton and was called in private and in public an idiot, dolt, daft, stupid, flaming bitch, and many other things.

Really?  That's what this country has come to?  Because I simply say I won't vote for a candidate I'm all of that?  Really?

Apparently mud slinging now goes to common, everyday people.

That is not only pathetic but it is frightening.

I deleted all of my posts for I am a med school candidate and unfortunately, not that I said anything wrong or flaming or worse, I don't want to get hit with the seagull affect of others who are simply inflammatory.

It's a sad day in America.  We're not ever going to be great again, all we can do is stop the slide toward the slums.

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