Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oh Gosh; T - 15

The days are winding down and part of me is thinking, "Thank God!"  For the past few months, and if including the fast pace last year toward taking it, I've been at the MCAT for almost - le gasp - 2 years.

First it was to try and cram it in before the "BIG" change; you know, the one where the AAMC wiped out a bunch of physics (not really true) and took out a bunch of orgo - YEAY! (also not really true) and added in biochem YEAY (but holy mother of all things good) and added in psych and soc at the end because you know, once we're done with this little doodad, we might need a shrink!

Haha.  I digress.

The 3.5 hour test went to 6. 1.5 on chemistry and physics, 1.5 on verbal reasoning (CARS) a 30 minute lunch, then 1.5 on biochem and biology, wrapping up with 1.5 on psych/soc.

About that biochem, it turns up everywhere.  It turns up in chemistry physics under the guise of orgo but it's really, biochem.  See, in my orgo class we never covered amino acids or peptides or any of that sort.  Good thing I took biochem.

Tonight was my last section bank to go through.  I take them untimed, check every answer the minute I choose, right down why my answer was right (or wrong), redraw the graphs, add any salient points to help me as I review.

What do I note on the graphs?

Things like the slope where the [S] is > than the v.  That way, I know, the reaction is still pre-Km and Vmax is far off yet.  I note things like points of comparison, x intercept, y-intercept, commonalities between variables, ratios, and yes, I know the inhibitor graphs well.

With 15 days of pure studying left (14, really as the TH before my exam, I'm not doing much), I'm honing; I want to know the why of an answer choice thoroughly, I want to know if a variable is changed in some way, I can answer a different question.

And I'm reading the old verbal from the old AAMC tests.  I figure it can't hurt for CARS and who knows, just maybe I'll get lucky and one of them will magically appear on my exam.

But I don't believe in Lady Luck, I believe in hard work.

And I am.  And will continue to for the next 15 days.

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