Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pentose Phosphate Oxidative Phase

Yes, I'm T - 10 until MCAT day.  Yes, I'm getting very ready to take it and be done.

Someone once said that the aging population should be thinking about retiring; am pretty sure they could not have meant me because that word doesn't exist in my vocabulary.  Not sure it ever will.

My goal is to serve humanity, to serve those who are less fortunate that I have been; who sometimes wonder if anyone cares.

I do.

I care that people in countries that are developing (or worse) don't have access to adequate healthcare. I care that our own US citizens go without healthcare, insured or not.  I care that our homeless do not feel comfortable in their smelly clothes and unbathed bodies to see a physician whom they hold on a pedestal.

I care, and I hope, that one day, they will come see me as their physician of choice; smelly bodies, unwashed clothes, unbrushed teeth and all.  There is a business model that will work for them; I hope to use it.  One day, maybe 10 years from now after a couple of years as a licensed physician.

Until then, I draw.  And I prepare for the biggest exam of my lift to date.

Here's today little nugget:  Pentose Phosphate Oxidative Pathway

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Life is Fun said...

I wish you the very best on your exam. I will be taking mine next year. Your blog has been very inspiring. Raising kids and pursuing medicine is possible.