Tuesday, July 19, 2016

T-17 to MCAT

Back at it this morning.

Digested my biochem section bank results from yesterday at home, in my bed, snuggled up with the great dane puppy/adult (she's always going to be a puppy but she is 2 now).

Will be drawing all the glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, gylogenolysis, pentose phosphate, and obviously the TCA, ETC and probably beta-oxidation processes today along with the standard AA's plus 3-letter and 1-letter abbreviations.

Is this hard?


It is time consuming and with my tendency to want to understand the why behind everything, it takes even longer.  My peers just want to know the right answer and move on.  Guess that is a bit of the difference between them at a normal college age and me, a not-so-normal college "kid" ...

This is my year.  I know it.  Can feel it.  Weird to have put so much effort into this to be at the door of the medical schools, about to take the MCAT and asking:

"Will you let me in?  Please?"

Stay tuned :)

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