Friday, August 26, 2016

Car Repo OR Rent

Le sigh.  4.5 years into pay for car, this year has sucked pretty significantly.  Thought I was moving to a different state to work for an old boss who is CEO of a consulting company; house packed, ready.  Chinese company bought client and my job went poof.  CEO had nothing else lined up.

Kick in the short term gig I had and things were caught up.  Enter in Intel out in CA and a longer term contract there.

Hiring manager wanted me; signed all the contracts, it had to go through a recruiter so we could do Corp-2-Corp (which is how I do things; am insured for $2M, large bond on hand) and I waited.  Recruiter said he was positive this was going through; the recruiter had several vendor IDs with Intel and it was just the procurement manager who was upset because hiring manager hadn't worked through her.


For 2 months, the recruiter kept telling me it was coming through, that he'd often seen things come through after a couple of months because of x-y-z... I asked him to release me internally at his company so that possibly other recruiters could help get me assigned.

He did not.

Thankfully, I kept reaching out to those I knew ... and asked them to discretely look for me.

Last week, the first recruiter called and said Intel was dead.  I asked him how he was feeling about that and he was kind, a little down saying it would have been nice to go through and it was not anything to do with me (Ad2b)... but rather the procurement manager.  The hiring manager, he said, was livid and wanted me on board.

He asked if I had anything lined up.  I said no, I'd been waiting on him and given everything he'd been telling me, "It's coming, just need to get the rest of approvals" to "It's going to happen next week; we're meeting them to present the final terms"...  Then let him know that his lack of releasing me to other recruiters meant:

1)  I was still not under contract 2 months post date of hire

2)  That I had a letter on my desk stating the car that was nearly paid off would be repossessed by the company because I'd gone 30 days past due

So, 3 days before the MCAT I was looking at car repossession despite having paid almost $3000 over the summer to get it caught up before the last contact ended... and having to choose that or rent.

I still don't know what I'm going to do.  If the car is repossessed  I will owe still more on it for they will sell it for pennies and then charge me the difference, let alone what it will do to my credit.

Interviews on Monday and Tuesday next week... good news on the one would mean rent could wait, car could be saved.

I freaking hate this.  At times I give up.  At time I wonder how slowly I could float out to sea... and then quickly realize how stupid that sounds.

Prayers are heaved up for the interview on Monday. If I get it, I will be debt free - completely - in 2 months with money in the bank.  It'd almost be like 2007 again... the year before my life went to hell.

Oh please :)

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