Monday, August 15, 2016

Home - Where The Heart Is

Born in southern Minnesota but raised in Duluth, MN... Duluth has always felt like home.  It's where my memories of childhood reside, the years of both my son's - the one who would be 30, and the one who is 24.  It's where winter skiing, summer at Park Point were spent; the day I moved south to raise my 24 year old, I cried all the way.

Duluth is home to the best hiking, best water sports - people even surf in the waves that come in some can easily get to 10 - 15' in the fall and in the spring.

Friends of mine from elementary school that I have kept in touch with and those that I met in college all agree:

The Big Lake they call Gitche Gumee, always brings us home.

This video was done by a family member of an old friend of mine.  We grew up down the street from each other...

Welcome to: Duluth, MN (Chester Creek, Congdon Creek, Lester River, The Lift Bridge, Park Point: Home)

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