Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life's Bumps

Can either break you, shake you, or you can use them to lift you up and push you further.

Life is always going to have bumps.  Do you rise? Or do you fall?

I tend to rise.  Sure, I whine a little, I might even tear up and cry a little.  But I always rise.  Life will not beat me, it will be my partner for whatever decades I left in me.

The premed course is not easy.  The non-traditional premed course can be even more isolating (we don't fit in due to "length of life" as one medical school puts it) OR it can be inclusive (we use our length of life as a means to connect with our younger peers).  My tendency is to fall into the latter.

Right now, many of you are taking the MCAT tomorrow and others still on Saturday.

You're nervous, maybe even scared.  The instant of doubt raising its ugly head too often, if even for a blink of they eye.

When you think you're down, get up.  When you think you don't know the answer, know it's on the screen in front of you.  When you think it's too hard, think about how much harder it would be ON YOU if you quit.  When you think it's too long, think how long life will be if you stop chasing your dream.

And when you finish reading all that, watch this and RISE!

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