Monday, February 13, 2017

Mentors, Cheerleaders, And Path Finders

This is it.


I've said that before, I've said that I would, I could, I should.  I tried, and quit. I tried again, and voided.  I tried and ...

On April 28th, I will take the MCAT for real, for good and be done.  Whatever my score is, I will accept.

Going to give it all I have, let the pieces fall where they may.

But I am going to give it all I have.  I tell that to my hockey team all the time.  Just give me 100% and I'll be happy with whatever happens. (It's a professional hockey team that likely cares about my non-trad, premed life or the stupid signs I hold at games - but I still tell them in tweets and posts, give me your best!)

Funny how saying that feels when hoisted upon my shoulders, in my life, with MY career at stake.

June 6, AMCAS opens for applications.  This year, I will have my score.  This year only LORs will be required.  This year, it will be fire and forget.  This year, I will complete an entire cycle and if rejected by every school, will accept the outcome.

Mentors guide a premed on the do's/don'ts and OMG - PLEASE delete that :) (Hi Itsa!)

Cheerleaders help you remember to smile and have fun, relax and that you can do this! (Hi Cousin! Hi Steph!)

Path Finders - these are the folks who blazed the trail before me.  The 57 year old PGY-3, the 56 year old MS-2, the 53 year old MS-1... my path finders, my trail blazers; the women I aspire to be like.

But until 4/28, (love Heath Ledger!)


Auction said...

A plan, a goal, a decision. Sending positive vibes for the journey.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you so much - need all the + joojoo I can get.

Be blessed ~ Ad2b