Wednesday, October 11, 2017



I think that's all she wrote, folks.

Thank you for following all these years, thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to "Not stop" but I think, I must.

The MCAT is NOT hard, NOT a beast, NOT undoable.

However, rescheduling it 3x due to circumstances outside my control (Irma, for instance), waking up late (never a good sign), driving like a bat to get on site without food or hydration (Adderall almost requires it or I get loopy in the head) ... well.  That all leads to no bueno in the score department.

I believe I'm capable of 515+ and that's about what I need to be a solid candidate.  However, maybe I'm just deluding myself to think that and honestly, it's time to stop.

School has been a most excellent adventure.  People who told me I was dumb or not a hard worker or Joe Van Kirk, wherever you are, "not driven enough" well, guess what - that fancy 4.0 through all my pre-reqs plus an A+ in physics probably proves I do have my drive... and I can/did compete with my younger peers.

But, I kind of want to relax a little, just work, play with the dogs, redo furniture, sand new wood to a nice glossy finish, and live.

I'll probably leave the blog up for a few weeks but take it down on October 31.  Seems sort of fitting.

Thanks again for everything!

P.S.  About that furniture redo - sample below: