Friday, May 11, 2018


That dark, dreary place full of inferno heat and scary demons with horns, tail thorns, death, stench, decay and fear.

We've been taught to believe that hell is terrible and the devil, that God's favorite child at one point, was tossed into the bowels of the universe to rule over all those who had done really bad things, and to punish the people who harmed others.

The fact is: most are raised to believe in hell and that some sort of deity will allow us to escape that future.

Enter a show called Lucifer.

I caught the first episode and thought, ironically, "What the hell?"

It caught me.  At first it was just enjoyment - filling the space that Castle left behind in it's wake. Quirky devil deity not understanding human traits or faults (just the outcomes of those faults) bribing a cop after speeding down Hollyweird Blvd.

With Lucifer's witty witticisms, bantering drinking, indulgent behaviors expected of a "devil" - the show was pure enjoyment.  Each week after traveling some 10 - 12 hours to get onsite with my clients, I could relax on Mondays to watch Lucifer before falling asleep. I could think about "re-MCAT-ing" and of course, "re-applying".

The show, however, also made me think, a bit, about what I do believe and "what if" ... hell really is just here on earth. People are unkind to each other, intentionally, unkind. Quote/unquote normal people do really mean things to each other and then think they're forgiven because they prescribe to a certain religion (good on them, no judgment here for that).

It's that part that makes me wonder:

Disney bought FOX who produced Lucifer.  Disney is farting, pixie dust unicorns with rainbow swirls around the golden locks of perfectly coifed hair.

FOX is gritty, or was.  Not speaking about FAUXnews but FOX the production company forged new boundaries when launched, pushed the edges of what was viewable and gave us a greater depth and/or depravity of humanity.

FOX pushed people to think differently - good or bad.

So DOES the show Lucifer.

Amenidiel, also God's child, is sent back to earth to retrieve the witty Lucifer who'd had enough of punishing people and the morass that hell begets.

Lucifer has cut off his wings so that he can stay on earth and help the human Chloe, a detective solve cases.

Mazikeen finds she has a soul, even if not explicitly stated, the actress has.

Lucifer portrays the fears that most humans have:

  1. What if I show someone who I really am, will they still like me? Love me?
  2. What if people don't believe who I am, and only want to believe the worst in me, never seeing the good?
  3. What if all the hard work I put into changing who I am, what I believe, what I stand for, what I will fight for... never matters? to anyone?
  4. What if hell really is NOT an inferno of demons and sharp pointed, scaly, nasty, poisonous devilish reptiles gnawing at us and is in fact...

us perpetually living out our worst actions on circuitous and continuous loops

That would be hell, right?

Imagine your very worst action, and then having to relive it again and again and again... okay, most of us (all??) haven't done anything "really" bad but what if you had?


He's funny, sexy, witty, handsome, and if he asks you what you really want while investigating a crime, you tell him your most inner thoughts which he then uses against you if you are evil.

And IF you are evil and won't confess, let's just say there's the "devil face" that would terrify the most hardened of criminals into confession.

But Lucifer isn't evil, he was simply the minder of those who are.

And Lucifer, on the show, got tired of being the bad guy; of being the one portrayed as frightful.

And over 3 seasons, many fans came to find what I did:

The show runner was given more latitude to create an awesome show worthy of watching the night it aired AND DVR'ing it when on FOX, before the Disney purchase of that network.

All the aspects of Lucifer pre-Disney made the show fabulous and then the far right wing nut jobs forced a great show that talked about Biblical things to become a lamb.

And then slaughtered it.

Lucifer made Monday's fun, Twitter entertaining, my nights home with the DVR sublime... an escape from decisions about MCAT retakes (at 54).

Lucifer made me think about heaven and hell.  Period. What do I believe?!

Lucifer got me watching tv again. With very few shows that are watchable anymore, Lucifer got me watching on Monday nights... which led to other FOX shows; and there I was, paying HULU for live tv so I could "escape" on other nights and catch NCIS, The Good Doctor (go figure!), Grey's and of course, Scandal.

And today, Lucifer was canceled.  I believe not because the show is bad, or the actors are bad, or the plot lines uninteresting but because of one simple thing:

Disney. Disney likes pithy, pedestrian, subtle hued, softly spoken plot lines. It doesn't like adulting, either.

Lucifer did.  I mean, he REALLY loved "adulting" 😂

So, HULU, I am dropping you because your NHL coverage sucks (the streaming for live sports is atrocious) and it's not worth keeping you around just for "The Looming Tower" -

HOWEVER, I'd keep you if you'd produce Lucifer and let it breathe like it should.

Realistically, with a healthy dose of fun, giant dose of love (not very well hidden), and escapism.

#SaveLucifer #LuciferOnHulu

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