Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hope, Be Still

She is.  Forever my girly girl, my fluffy...

Be still and know that I'm with you
Be still and know that I am here
Be still and know that I'm with you
Be still, be still, and know

When darkness comes upon you
And colors you with fear and shame
Be still and know that I'm with you
And I will say your name
If terror falls upon your bed
And sleep no longer comes
Remember all the words I said
Be still, be still, and know

And when you go through the valley
And the shadow comes down from the hill

If morning never comes to be
Be still, be still, be still

Hope came to my son and I in the middle of 2005 after an abusive relationship ended (I'd found him with my son's throat entangled in his hands; 10 minutes later, he was escorted out of my home by police)

Hope.  She ... nope, still have no words for what she meant to us for her name, said it all.

Girly girl, our hearts are still broken in shattered bits and pieces, flung across the universe.  Until we meet again...

Croix's Story of Our Times - Hope
July 2005 - January 2019

Best Ahead - Radiologist Retires

Several years ago now, I started this silly little blog as a much younger, starry eyed premed thinking I could be practicing by 50.


Somewhere along the way, I found Dr. Dalai a radiologist in the Southeast who kept his faith in me, kept cheering me on through gen chem and then orgo... eventually, I made my way onto Facepages or whatever that is called and linked up with him there.

From his pages I saw his travels and life (including the baby Ewok :D ) to far away places with his lovely wife, saw his son grow up and get to and through college and his daughter grow up and to/through med school, residency and wedding.

ME?  I'm still stuck at premed.  Not for long, I hope.

Anyway, Dr. D is retiring.  His blog is here:

If you're interested in radiology, he is king.

Dr. D, I wish you the best - always and of course, to your wife, J.

Ad2b (seriously!!)