Saturday, November 22, 2014

Back To Physux, Eh - Physics

After a rapid pace aka "drinking from fire hose" sessions of Kaplan, I am back to ground zero.

Work is easing up; lest you forgot, or are new, I work about 45 hours a week integrating a $300M company into a larger behemoth.

We are almost done.  Come Jan 1, 2015, it will be done; all systems live, the acquisition company's systems sunset, people trained, and ... well, that'll be that.

I've barely kept my head above water with Kaplan.  Thankfully, gen chem, ochem, and biology come easily for me.

Physics, on the other hand, a class I've never taken (or rather completed; I dropped midway through my 1st semester of it in 2010 despite having an A-), is kicking my butt.

My plan?  Because surely, postponing the MCAT (again) and hence never taking it, is not my game.

Square one:


I wrote down all the formulas on a sheet of paper.  In addition, put down their respective units.

Then, I started going through problems in the Kaplan books and a few in Exam Krackers.

With each equation, I wrote what it would tell me and how I could use it.  To finish that off, I put down if a variable was missing, what equation would help me get to the right answer.

Then I took out another sheet, and wrote them from memory.  What do I have, what do I miss.  Then, I simply asked myself, if I were going to do x-y-z, what would I need... similar to questions I've been asked by EK...

In doing so, I can remember how I was shown to solve physics problems.

At work, I have peers who ask me to write something on my white board and then explain it to them. They then proceed to pepper me with questions.

It's a team getting me to Jan 15, 2015.

It's a team of Kaplan, work, my son, my friends and me working toward one goal:

Do or do not, there is no try.  And surely, physics will not get the better of me... back at it!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Age Bias Is Everywhere

On forums - non trad and traditional; in physician settings, homes, hospitals and everywhere.

Grow thick skin, learn to laugh and smile while inwardly you're crying.

It will serve you well :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

MCAT Study Prep - Kaplan Way

In all seriousness about the looming exam, I made a schedule today.  Had a mini-freak out when I realized I'm about T-9 weeks to exam which means, frankly, I'm T-8.5 weeks away from learning any new data points, tips or tricks.

I missed a biology class last night due to work.  Kaplan is good at giving a rescheduled time to make the class up which is awesome, but I had to fit it in between molecular genetics, circuits, the kidney, thermodynamics, and the other base MCAT courses in my full Kaplan class (online, if you're wondering).

So, when my head spins and my mind goes blank, I get back to the basics... draw a calendar and plot the days out.

When will I study, when will I have class and when do I work (actually, I do that one first).

Below is what my life looks like.  Come December it will be almost entirely 100% full length exams and review for what I get wrong.

In January, it will simply be full length exams and increasing the pace.

Two years ago, I gave up the dream after a dratted "B" in medicinal biochem.

T - 8.5