Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Professor = More Hope

Life has thrown some more curve balls my way.  Or rather, just one.

16 years ago, I worked for a man who'd founded an IT company.  I left and my career took off like a rocket, and plummeted in 2008 like a rock.  Since then, I've had exactly 2 good years financially.  Every other year has been beyond difficult.

For the years 1997 - 2013, I paid for my parents' life.  Mortgage, cars, credit cards, etc.  Saving was not really key as taking care of them was more important.  I don't regret that.

But it did leave me with no 401k or much of savings.  What I did have, 2010 wiped out.  Completely.

2014 was good to me as was most of 2015.  I'd been able to build up a savings on e-trade, put money in an IRA.  My contract, after being extended four times, expired on October 30, 2015.  I'd been told (lied to?) that I would be extended through Dec 2015 after I was begged to stay in August.

See, Nov and Dec are probably the worst months for me to find something.  I was begged to stay.  With the promise.

Well, promises are like the wind.  I'm okay with that.  I finished out my fall semester with an A- in genetics.  Had registered with that professors approval and override on school policy for his next courses.

But when January came, and no job prospects were around, I had to drop.  Because he'd gone to bat for me, I felt obligated to let him know why I wasn't in his class.  Explaining what was happening, he asked if there was something he could do to help.

"Can I sit in your class anyway?  IF there is space?" I demurred.

"OF course!"  and with that, I was set up as if I was a real student. I attend.  I do all the work as if I were a student.  The notes are transcribed into hard stock, just like I did last semester.

I ran into him today after class outside the library.  He asked if things were going well for me.  And once again, explained as succinctly as I could that my job prospect had gone poof.

See, that boss from 16 years ago had a client in a different state, one I'm interested in moving to, which needed someone with my background.  We discussed relocation package, salary, sign-on, etc.  He was waiting funding from his client and then I was good to go.  March 1.

Happy?  Of course!  But then, I didn't hear anything.  Curiosity being the better part of me, I wanted to learn more about the client so I perused the site.  And found it'd been purchased by a Chinese entity shortly after my former boss and I spoke.  That was mid - February.

Last week, it was confirmed there was no job waiting for me.  And whatever I'd saved was not entirely depleted keeping things afloat.

It was spring break last week.  Going to class with that professor has been a mind-saver.  I love learning and being pushed to learn more.  That job going poof was a kick to the gut.  I'm not angry with my former boss, I'm sure he's very disappointed too. It's simply not his fault.

But my professor?  There he was asking what he could do to help (again).

I said, "Nothing really, just really thank you for letting me sit in the class."

He replied with a smile, "Come sit in my other class. Today at such and such a time; there's fewer students and I think you'll really like it.  Can give you access to all the material for it as well.  Too bad I didn't think of it earlier!"

And then he added, "Don't stop.  Things will get better.  You know that."

Yes, Dr. E, I do.  And with people like him in the world, it's a little bit brighter and there is hope.

It's the little things in life that keep hope alive, not the big.