Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blurred Lines? No Blurred EYES!

I postponed my MCAT.  Again.  "FAIL" resounds in my head ... well it did, albeit, very briefly.

Going into mid-November, I was feeling great - answering questions in my on-line, live Kaplan course with about 95% accuracy (I marked my wrong answers and tallied them up every night).  The online section tests were scoring, on average 98% (primarily, I got 100% on all of them but a few threw me for a loop).

Then, Thanksgiving hit... and some other wild personal things and before I knew it:

1.  I had not taken the full length of Kaplan's yet

2.  Work was piling up for year-end close of the acquisition (I led the $300M acquisition integration for a
$1B company)

3.  Christmas hit... with going home, seeing Dad, not studying while there and really... I knew.

The NEW MCAT is different.  Less physics, more biochem (win!)

And the holidays won't be in the middle... my client won't be purchasing another company (or not that I know of right now) and did I mention???


Give me some amino acids please along with Fe mid hemo and myo and why alligators can stay under water for long periods of time, why Trypsin and the Chymo reaction is so important, and still full understanding of why Loops of Henle in camels allows them to go without water for long periods of time.

I'm okay with all of this.  I WILL be a doctor.  I will be.