Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anger - Absolutely No Doubt - Anger

Domesticated animals as defined by Merriam, Webster's or other definitional sources means tame, to live with, to benefit from without being parasitic.  When most people think of domesticated animals we think about dogs, cats, and horses.

Domesticated animals are not thought often as being a food source.  We in the United States do not look at our dogs and cats as an alternate food supply should we want for tasty golden retriever soup, or souffle au tabby.  We do not wonder if great dane steak would taste as good as dachshund hot dogs (sorry, I could not resist that one), or if Persian snippets on a stick would fill us up as easily as Siamese casserole.

We just don't.  We are not interested.

However, apparently, horses are now seen as readily eaten in this country.

We can train them to work with us, give us pleasure riding and when their usefulness to our own happiness is done, we can slaughter them and eat them.  We can train them to be pets, to eagerly anticipate our arrival with carrots or apples, give them grain as a reward for a peaceful trip through the forest and when their walking days are done, we can slaughter them for food.

I'm angry.  I'm disgusted.  I'm livid.

Cows are not pets.  Hogs are not pets.  Sheep are not pets.  Most Americans don't sit in a pasture and lovingly stroke a sheep's head, or bring it treats, only to eat it later.

Horses are pets.  Horses anthropomorphologically speaking love their humans when bonded.  They eagerly await at gates for petting, much like my golden retriever does when I come home from work.  Horses nicker to their owners for attention, much like my great dane does when I arrive home from school (he doesn't nicker, he "talks" to me).

I would no more eat Bentley when his "useful" time is done in my home than I would a horse.

This is not a diatribe against meat eaters - I eat steak, turkey, chicken, shellfish, etc.  I don't play with cows, or turkeys, or chickens, or lobsters.  I don't have an issue with deer or bird hunting, or fishing.

Horse slaughter is wrong.  Simply wrong.

But then again, this is the United States where many things are wrong and no one seems to care.  Why would anyone start now with horse issues.

Horse Slaughter Gains US Approval

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sleeping, A Feat Worthy To Note

I slept for 4 days.  Rip Van Winkle has nothing on me.

Now back to the grind: my motivation left until I started driving into school today for ochem.  Then I heard how other classmates felt with last exams.

Two weeks left until finals.  Then a month off.  Then the final charge toward MCAT and Galapagos.  Then applications.  Then sleep.

Overall my Thanksgiving weekend tally looks like this:

Turkey eaten: 5 pounds
Sweet potatoes eaten: 2 large cans

Sleep hours: 52 hours over 4 days... yes, really.  I started wondering if I had chronic fatigue.  I'd eat, sleep, eat, watch FRIENDS (still love that show), and sleep some more.  Tried to go out with Bentley the wonder Dane and, he wanted to sleep instead!

Anyway, back to school, back to work; back to making this dream of mine a little closer... oh, and along the way, incorporating some new study habits to ace my final ochem test.  I'm giving it everything I got...

Kind of like Scotty in Star Trek!  (only I'd be Scottee - or Scottette?)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Everyone, on both sides of the 49th parallel, thinks back to what they are most thankful for while feasting on Thanksgiving dinner.  In the US it is turkey as the prime dinner of choice replete with sweet potatoes, stuffing and turkey; if you're one of those that goes beyond that, good for you.  ME?  I'll just snatch a tidbit of turkey and horde the sweet potatoes.

I ate alone this year.  My son is working to get the holiday pay bonus and that makes me proud.  He's trying to keep his life on track, moving ahead, figuring who and what he is going to be, trying to support his mom by giving her test taking tips and hints.

I really don't know what I'm most thankful for this year.  My job allows me to go to school and gives me enough income to keep the lights on, put gas in my truck, and pay my tuition.  I'm very thankful for that.

I'm thankful my body no longer wants to produce babies :)  A new friend of mine is going through the PMS cycle and I willingly admit, I do not miss PMS or anything about it.  I don't miss baby pangs, baby dreams, baby panderings.  Now, that said, I'm not sure what to blame mood swings on, so I guess, I'll blame ochem.

Yes, ochem equates to PMS.

Think it should be a Twitter.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

(PS:  If there are drugs to help nausea, are there meds to induce the reverse?  As in, I've eaten 3 lbs of sweet potatoes and 1 pound of turkey and after sleeping for 4 hours, the finger down the throat is not helping... :P  I thought eating alone would be good why???)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wth Is Wrong With Me?


Not afraid of it.  Actually, like it.  Find it logical.  It makes sense.  Yes, it is a lot of information to ingest, we are also a full chapter ahead of the other two sections (we covered ozonolysis in a day).

I felt pretty good walking out of the exam.

I got a B.  I was hoping for the elusive A.

Then I got an email from the professor.  The disability services center gave me the wrong exam.  I took the other section's exam, which has a lower average.  Which means my overall score is not apples to apples which is how my grade will be based.  The professor is opn to suggestions on how to fix this since it was not my fault (or the other people who take the exam in DS).

My suggestion for fixing is to add the points back in so that my grade stays relatively similar to my own classmates and trends as such.

MY issue with ochem is this:

how do I get an A?  Theoretically, I can still get an A by acing my final (yuckola) the question is not theoretical, it is tangible:


I do the problems.

I made reagent cards and memorized them.

I made mechanism sheets for each type of reaction so that I could do them cold.

I got a B.

I get why ochem is so heavily looked at by the medical schools.  Beyond the hazing ritual, it does force a student to learn to synthesize vast amounts of minutae and barf it back out on an exam.  I bet the correlation in the adcom's minds is that if a student can learn to study differently and more effectively in ochem, they will likewise, figure out how to study more effectively in medical school when the information comes out of the proverbial firehose.

I do not think it is my lack of prep.  I don't think it is my lack of understanding, nor do I think I'm unintelligent (although, maybe that is really the case!).


That, and studying for only ochem over the weekend, and cramming biology in last night, dropped my biology grade to a low A.  I don't have points to give there.  And he gives no + or - with the letter grade.


What Are Those Things Called Alarms?!?!?!

A few years ago, I wanted to wake up to my iTouch (the one I won from Cray Research after submitting an idea on amalgamating three disparate websites), so I bought an iHome.  

Never used it.  I don't do alarms.  For the better part of the last 20 years or so, that's worked pretty darn well for me.  Somehow I always wake up to get to work, get to school on time (helps to have afternoon classes!), and get my life taken care of.  Even when appointments run early, I somehow must sense it is time to wake, and get moving around.

That is, until today.

Last night, I set my alarm for the first time in many years.  I was thinking 4 hours of sleep and then I can get up, shower, get dressed (preferably, lest I have a penchant for being arrested in the winter), and get to school to study/brush up, before my last exam this morning.

The alarm did not go off.  At about 7:05  AM this morning I woke in a panic, "OPMG ADSFKH I have a test that I am NOT ready for!!!" (ochem has over powered my studying these past few days).

Managing to get to school un-showered (euewww) with teeth brushed replete with a 52 oz fountain diet coke and two donuts (I splurged given the week), I made it in time to scribble the graphs on note cards for population dispersion.

AWESOME!  It was on the test.

Even better?  I can now go to work.  That thing that I vaguely remember from last week before ochem took over my life (I hope it was worth it!!!)... and sleep tonight.  Soundly!

Monday, November 21, 2011

In Case, I've Forgotten To Mention

My son is awesome!  Many years ago, when he was about 9, our living situation was up in the air.  I'd been offered a job to relocate to Florida, a place both my son and I loved.  The situation made me nervous as it would mean leaving my elderly parents behind and honestly, I'd always thought when the one passed, that the other would have a place in my then guest house.

Ten, eleven years later, they're both still alive, my house is long gone :)

Anyway, I'd asked my son how he felt about moving back to FL (we'd been living there before when MetLife was going public and the company put him and me up in a condo for the 1.5 years we were there).  It is not like I was wanting his blessing to move, more that I wanted him to feel like he had a voice in our lives, that he was not subjected to the whims of his mother more than was required (I'm speaking of concerts, Olympics, and sporting events here!).

At 9, he sat in his room one night, must have waited forever for me to leave the room, and put a picture on my pillow so that when I finally went to bed, I would not miss it.

It was a picture of a little boy holding his mother's hand, fully colored, with hearts around the people, saying, "I love you, no madder (sic) where we move"... I think I choked up.

I sill have it.  Ten years later.  It still warms my heart, and kept it warm, when things were hard, back when he was a teenager and I wondered if he loved me back, or if... I think all parents go through that when their kids are teens.

Yesterday, I went to the library as is well noted.  Generally, I leave at 9 AM on Saturday morning, and return home sometime around 10:30 PM.  That's been my life since September, and not one weekend has changed since then.  It might deviate an hour earlier but generally, I'm at the library and/or at school in the commons area after the library closes for about 13 hours.

Last night, when I met the other ochem students, time flew.  Emma was so very helpful, and so kind, and so compassionate; and then she shared her story.  And then we talked.  And we worked on ochem.  And we talked some more.  And we studied ochem.  And then we talked some more.

And then it was 4 AM.

I'd been gone for almost 24 hours.  I had no idea it was that late/early and was worried about my drive home as the first snow/sleet had hit the city.

Driving home was a bit slippery.  I drive a huge BUS  SUV with full time 4-wheel drive but I was still cautious.  Plows were out sanding, cars were slow; even at 4:30 (the time from leaving until getting home was 1/2 hour).

When I walked in, my son was up and on his cell phone.  He was pasty white.

"She just walked in the door."

"Yes, she's okay.  Thank you."

I asked who he was on the phone with.  He said the local police department... he was scared.  He said when I did not come home at my usual time, and my cell phone was dead, and it was late, and the roads were bad, and there are some darkened hallways at school, and ... he was terrified something had happened to me.

He sobbed as I hugged him and told him he did the absolute right thing.  He sobbed some more saying, he was so scared that something had happened to me.

And right then, I knew.  I had wondered if he really did love his mom still, after all we've been through.

And good Lord, I'm blessed.  What an awesome son, a tender son, and he is truly, the love and light of my life.

Have you hugged your kids today?!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Game Plan - Ochem Midterm #3

Met some peers of mine last night (Sat, about 8:30), they are my professor's other section; we both have major midterm in the morning.  I asked how they were doing, how they were mastering the reactions, mechanisms, synthesis, reagents.

The one young woman, about my son's age, asked me how I was doing.  Completely, and utterly stressed, I responded.  I told her I cannot seem to gel this in my head and put it on paper no matter how much I try.

Ochem is NOT hard.  It is tedious, a LOT of material to synthesize, and requires mastering what does work, and throwing what does not.

Enter in Emma (not her real name).  Emma took one look at my note cards, homework, more paper that I was writing notes on, more other crap that I was compiling, the exams I'd pulled bits and pieces out of (the tests are not in same order as last year as the book was changed and some reactions show up earlier than others, other things show up now for us).  Anyway, she started pulling things out.

About 75% of everything I had done, she called wasted time.  Emma was apologetic but looked me squarely in the eye and said, you do too much and can't get it out of your head on the page.  You're smarter than us, but your scores don't show it.  Here's what you're going to do... and with that, I listened.

What used to take me almost 24 hours of time to complete, I finished today in about 5 hours.  Without note cards.  I am hopeful that by the time the test rolls around in the morning, I have polished up my learning, and knowledge, and be able to get it out on paper.

Here's a picture of the plan.  Wish me luck.  I really want an "A"...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Nuff Said

I have said little, and thankfully, this article says it all:

How Strong Women Dump Their Misbehaving Men: Demi Moore's Powerful Statement

Strong Women

Best sentence of the whole article?

She's better off without him.  They all are! 

(This goes likewise for stupid cheating women who give our gender a bad name.)

With that, I head to study.  Make yours a great day; I'm chasing that "A"!


Friday, November 18, 2011

My Diet Has Gone The Way of Ochem

into the proverbial crapper.  Seriously.

I'm getting a B.  And hate it.  Test on Monday.  Nerves setting in big time.  Class today just reemphasized how much I'm stressing out.  Buying a stupid printer from either Best Buy or Office Max turned out to be more stressful than just class.  I left both without a printer.

Which left me eating.  A lot.  I try to watch what I eat so that I don't regain the weight gained and subsequently lost, while and after Evil lived with us.  But today/tonight?

2 donuts with chocolate topping
1/2 bag of Cadbury Christmas candy coated eggs
1 full LARGE bag of caramel, gourmet (artisanal :P) popcorn
1 LARGE bowl of buttered noodles and parmesan with seared chicken at Noodles & Co
3 - 52oz diet cokes
1 cup stewed roast beef
1 bowl of chicken spatzle soup
1 cup sweet potato with marshmallows
5 Pinwheel cookies (if you have not tried them, you should - highly, highly tasty!)

THAT from a lady who normally eats:

1 donut
1 bowl of broth soup
1 lumping of cottage cheese
1 candy bar
3 - 52oz diet cokes

per day.

Wondering if massive doses of Metamucil will help, or Exlax.... Dear God, I'm sick, and tired, and scared (obviously... have not eaten that much for years!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh, And Capital One?

I love you!  Will you marry me?

OMGosh...  OMGosh...

I am clicking my ruby red heels and wondering what I did to obtain that!

No worries, I will be loyal for life (or for as long as you keep making me smile!!!)

Alkenes & Kyn I?

Poor play on organic terminology but the question remains, can I get this synthesized into my head by Monday?  I think I have alkenes done and set.  Not sure why alkynes are bothering me as really, it's just one more pi bond.  Same reactions with an acetylide anion and there I have it, right?

But master it I will.  Really overwhelmed right now: paper, presentation, two major exams, a movie to watch for biology (that will appear on tomorrow's quiz), and of course, I have a job to manage.  Thankfully, scratch that, very thankfully, when I told my new boss what my schedule looked like for the next 6 days, and started to say that I would not let work suffer, and that I was really worried about getting an "A" on the Monday exam or medical school might grow wings and finally fly the coop, he stated rather emphatically, "I think your priority has to be the Monday exam.  Anything here can be pushed back to next week, right?  If not, let's figure out how to have that happen."

My mouth hit the floor.  He's from a medical device manufacturer so maybe having been surrounded by medical types, he knows.  And better yet, he gets it.

Back to the paper.  And the presentation.  And the movie.  And the ochem.

And then sleep.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not gonna lie (not that I would anyway). This past summer, I was supposed to go to a Josh Groban concert with someone dear to me. Arrangements had been made to get a meet-greet with Josh, a letter written to him personally (and delivered) about what a great night it was going to be for one of his biggest fans. That night, I found out... well, I've never been a big fan of harems. :)

Soooo, this year, on that exact same date, in a city near and dear to my heart, I will sing, drink, dance, and light a lighter, sing louder, drink more, and have ooooodles of fun...

Sir Hotness Kenny Chesney is coming to town, and damn, anything with him on it is SEXY! The news came out yesterday about his co-hosted tour with Tim McGraw who is likewise, handsome but also very married to a gorgeous Faith Hill, so ... it feels sort of icky to swoon over an otherwise married man... not that I have a chance in hell of Kenny noticing me... oh and I'm digressing rapidly here (ADHD being what it is!)

Another rockin', hoppin', dancin', get-my-groove-on stompin' Chesney song (admit it, even if you don't like typical country music, he's pretty hot, and the songs I post are happy, in your face, livin'-life songs!)

I dare ya to go... :P

  • Jun 02, 2012 Tampa FL;  Raymond James
  • Jun 03, 2012 Altanta GA; Georgiadome
  • Jun 09, 2012 Dallas TX;  Cowboys Stadium
  • Jun 10, 2012 Kansas City MO;  Arrowhead Stadium
  • Jun 16, 2012 Philadelphia PA;  Lincoln Financial Field
  • Jun 23, 2012 Nashville TN;  LP Field
  • Jun 24, 2012 Charlotte NC;  Bank Of America Stadium
  • Jun 30, 2012 Pittsburgh PA;  Heinz Field
  • Jul 01, 2012 Cincinnati OH;  Paul Brown Stadium
  • Jul 07, 2012 Chicago IL;  Soldier Field
  • Jul 08, 2012 Minneapolis MN;  Target Field
  • Jul 14, 2012 Anaheim CA;  Angels Stadium
  • Jul 21, 2012 Denver CO;  Sports Authority Field at Mile High
  • Aug 11, 2012 East Rutherford NJ;  MetLife Stadium
  • Aug 12, 2012 Washington DC;  FedEx Field
  • Aug 18, 2012 Detroit MI;  Ford Field
  • Aug 25, 2012 Foxboro MA;  Gillette Stadium

Monday, November 14, 2011

Typos On The iPad2

I reread yesterday's post. Hee hee. Said, "When my get up and go and hes left me"... eh, that should have read, "...get up and go HAS left me." As in, when I'm dead tired.

No one has left me. At least not lately. Actually, it's been about 10 years since someone left me and the door could not have slammed faster on that idiot. Ooopsie, did I say that out loud? I mean, that evil scourge was cleansed from our house.

Avery has a great video out, fun, bubble gumish song:

Thanks to my son, I have this tabbed on my YouTube channel. Makes me giggle a lot.

Especially, when I either have really fumble fingers on the iPad2 (which would explain my inability to knock the next level down in Angry Birds) OR I had a Freudian slip.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gets Me Going When

My get up and go has left me...

Yes, that is me rocking out to Chesney in the dark, blue SUV on the way to the uni.

And yes, I think HE is sexy, hotness!!

From Kid Dropped On His Head...

To awesome bench mates in a different group. The youngest in the group of four, works as hard as I do, the other two are so friendly! My age is not a factor for them... Then, of course, I am not sure I always act it!

We have a group presentation due on Friday, then youngest already sent out expectations, assigned parts, gave a deadline and wrapped it up by giving them dates to have it to me for compilation. We are using my former life to make the PowerPoint awesome... Which is nice that they recognize what I can contribute and use that for the overall group... Not that my brains are lacking :)

Make it a great day... I am doing. Ochem - whadja think?

I will get an A on the next exam, and dump the last one... I will, I will, I...

Oh, This Cracks Me Up (Always!)

I need a funny, YOU need a funny.  For some reason, the poster of this video clip requested the embedding be disabled, or the producers of FRIENDS did.  At any rate, probably the funniest clip from my all-time favorite TV show:

Ross & The Bagpipes

Have no idea how David kept playing that thing without roiling in laughter, how Courtney and Matthew did not crack even the tiniest wisp of a smile while Jennifer is rolling over backward laughing.  The best, is Lisa Kudrow.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

When Will These Rxns Stick??

Honestly, I really enjoy organic chemistry. I know I am supposed to say it is gawdawful, but it is not. It is logical. It makes sense. I can see how things move and form. I can see the reactions in my head and when I look at my blank sheet of homework paper. It is blank. Then I draw blanks and wonder which thing does what to what.

This is the memorization part of ochem that people are afraid of.

So, I am making note cards now on top of doing the homework which are different than the ones I did before. Now, I have cards with products, reactants, and gizmos above and below the line.

As I mix them up on table, I pull from each pile to see what I would get, then ask myself why that would work, and if not, why not.

I WILL get that elusive A in ochem. I will!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awwww = AWESOME!

Class was fun today.  We watched a rather, eh, funny, SOOOoooo not politically correct SouthPark episode on evolution.  Omgosh, funny!  That started class.  It then dissolved into a lecture about more Darwin questionings, more evolution, and more theory.  LOVED it!

Then, I came to work.

"Ad2b?" I heard this voice ask in a voice I've recognized since I, well he, was born.  Our families have been friends for over 60 years.  His mom and dad, and my mom and dad... his sisters and brothers, my own brothers; our summers - my summers - were spent at his family's cabin.

His dad passed away in the summer of 2010.  The related posts are here: 

Mr. Zim
Mr. Zim Part II
Mr. Zim Part III
Mr. Zim Part IV

So, Mr. Zim's son will be working just over "there" from me.  It was like coming to a welcome home party today walking into work with a feeling of such happiness just seeing him.  Such a comfort as his family created the best childhood memories for me.  Obviously, some vesitges of those memories still remain.

Kind of like warm cookies by a warm fire on a snowy night, that was my greeting today.  And now for a few more weeks, I'll get more of that.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Professor Meeting

Those who have been following my blog for a long time (ie: years) know the struggles I've been through on almost every facet of life. This is not about those :)

I struggle with test anxiety. Not the normal, I'm nervous, jittery, test anxiety but the kind that makes me black out mid-exam. Like faint type blackout. My blood pressure skyrockets, I get chest pains, get woozy, then... gone.

Propranolol helps that. I don't blackout anymore. My BP stays normal and my head does not pound as if jackhammer were playing havoc with my skull.

I'm still not getting an A in ochem, though. It bugs me greatly. Hundred hours of doing the problems, making note card, funneling and filtering the information down to a suitable amount to synthesize and I cannot get an A.

I met with the professor yesterday. The university gives awards for best professors in teaching, research, sucking up, etc. He is not quite tenured but I have no doubt he will get an award at some point. He is that good and that helpful.

We talked ochem, kids, learning. I showed him what I did for the last exam, showed him my latest homework which had been unchecked at that point. I showed him my funneling system. I told him about addition reactions I was thinking about as I feel asleep the night before. Then he said,

"Well, show me at the whiteboard."

When I got there, I knew what to do with the cyclohexene and methyl group, with Bromide over the line. I could see it in my head. Could not get it on the whiteboard. Actually, I could draw the starting material and the product but not the mechanism to get there.

We sat down at his little table... and he paused.

"That's what happens to you on exams, isn't it?" He was not joking, or making fun of my situation, he was earnestly trying to help.

"Yes." My head was hung a little low. I also struggle with letting others down, not wanting them to feel like I did so and I was feeling that way.

"Well. I think what we need to do is this..." and from there, we devised a plan to help me work not only on ochem, for as he said, "It's not your preparation Ad2b, it's your execution on exams that is at issue here".

So, I will continue to do my homework as is, leaving exactly 5 problems out to time myself the next day. Rinse repeat for the chapters on looming ochem exam and maybe, I will be able to finally get a solid "A" on his exam.

I'm hoping so. Med school is calling. I hear it beckoning me, still from afar but drawing near. I need to get the A.

And, I will! All due to a great teacher trying to help his otherwise student :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More On Bentley

Bentley came to me in early January of this year.  After Storm went through his life transition, I vowed never again.  I still had Hope, our golden retriever, but I was done getting puppies, or a rescue, or...

And then the call came that Bentley was coming back to the breeder.  He is a small great dane.  While sold as a futurity nominated show dog, he is too little for the ring and the likelihood that he would ever be show height was not looking promising.

The original owner of Bentley is outstanding.  She trains her dogs to be the best they can be.  One of her dogs ended up on the cover of Milk Bones.  Devastated to give him up, she wrote me and said part of her own healing is that he was coming to me.  She did not know me personally, but Storm's story is well known through the great dane community.

It was hard to say no, so I said I'd take him for just the weekend... pretty sure, I was not wanting another dog, especially a great dane.

We all know by now how this story turns out. What I have not talked about is awesome he is beyond anything trainable, it is his genetic traits shining through.

A few months after he was welcomed into the house as my heartmender, I took Bentley to the local pet food store.  While I see the purpose behind PetSmart and Petco, I shop at smaller stores where the food is another step higher (I'm a dog food snob - it's okay for me to eat Arby's and Franco American spaghetti but my dogs eat top line dog food!!).

The store is smaller, about 1/2 the size of a Pier One, with aisles full of dog food and some supplies, they welcome well behaved pets on leashes.

Of course, the presumption is that the leash is attached to an owner that is... well behaved too.

Bentley has this curious trait of knowing how big he is (despite being small for a great dane earlier, he has filled out and is show height... but I neutered him so ...) ANYWAY, with any dog that is smaller than he is, he will lay down, put a paw out, cock his head and wait for the other dog to play.  He will continue to play with the dogs while laying down, never once standing up to show how awesome big he is.

On one particular occasion, he did the same thing with a Jack Russell terrier.  The owner was oblivious... and had her dog on a retractable leash (seriously, oblivious owner with independent, strong willed, biting dog = disaster).

The JR ran up to Bentley who had laid on the floor to play, bit through the store worker's pants leaving a hole, and nailed Bentley on the nose drawing blood.

The idiot owner and her undisciplined, ill trained biting dog on a retractable leash stood there while the dog tried to bite him again.

Bentley, at 150 pounds, sat up, backed up about 6", cocked his head as if to say, "Huh?  DOOOOOOOD!!"  and did nothing.  Blood running from his nose, he did nothing.  Did not even try.

Bentley, is bomb proof.

Now if I could teach him to leave my shoes alone... especially, when they are still on my feet!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Have Caved

I do not like study groups or having a lot of folks with me.  (K, you're fine!).  Lots of people ask if they can come with me to see how/what I do (they really shouldn't, I suck!).

This last week was hard.  I study for hours, literally sitting at a desk in the library with ochem and once in a great while, I pull out my other subject too.  But that is a rare occasion and I'm getting a solid "A" there.

So, Weds night, I came home from long night in library, and waffled as to what to do.  Decided it'd been days since I'd had a good night sleep so I crawled into bed.  Then, feeling guilty because I had not done enough yet for the day, I pulled out my lap board, hoisted the book bags onto my bed (one for ochem and one for the other class), and opened the notebooks.

Where upon, I promptly felt a rush of air, and palumping of feet onto my bed and saw this, peering over my iPad (that had the bird game).

Apparently, Bentley is now interest in ochem too, then again maybe not.  You've heard of fence-riding, Bentley is bed-riding.  He's 1/2 on, 1/2 off...

Kind of like me!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Above Average Grade

Barely. And someone got a flat 100, again. We have a genius among us.


I suck. How can I study that much and still get an "F" (I realize it is a "B" or some such thing but might as well be an "F")...

Checking out jobs in the Zamboni driving category. Apparently, medicine is not going to be my path.

My friend from class sent me that. The individual was not thrilled with the grades either.

And I wrote my professor to ask for office time to figure how I effectively study better so that I don't fubar another exam in two weeks.

For this exam, and I am REALLY embarrassed to say, I spent:

  1. 100 hours in the library each weekend doing the homework problems
  2. when I got a problem wrong, I took the solutions manual correction, made a note card why, and then moved on
  3. when I ran into major concepts that repeated themselves, or differentiated themselves, I made a note card on that as well (hence Sn2, Sn1, E1, E2) and moved on
  4. made a note card on bases used for each type - not specifics but trends to watch for
  5. for epoxides I made a step list - from memory after doing the problems - on how to solve

I truly do not know what to do differently.

Drink??? :D