Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alkenes & Kyn I?

Poor play on organic terminology but the question remains, can I get this synthesized into my head by Monday?  I think I have alkenes done and set.  Not sure why alkynes are bothering me as really, it's just one more pi bond.  Same reactions with an acetylide anion and there I have it, right?

But master it I will.  Really overwhelmed right now: paper, presentation, two major exams, a movie to watch for biology (that will appear on tomorrow's quiz), and of course, I have a job to manage.  Thankfully, scratch that, very thankfully, when I told my new boss what my schedule looked like for the next 6 days, and started to say that I would not let work suffer, and that I was really worried about getting an "A" on the Monday exam or medical school might grow wings and finally fly the coop, he stated rather emphatically, "I think your priority has to be the Monday exam.  Anything here can be pushed back to next week, right?  If not, let's figure out how to have that happen."

My mouth hit the floor.  He's from a medical device manufacturer so maybe having been surrounded by medical types, he knows.  And better yet, he gets it.

Back to the paper.  And the presentation.  And the movie.  And the ochem.

And then sleep.

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