Saturday, October 10, 2015

Genetics - Exam Two

I'm writing a pilot line for Hollywood and going to call it:

"How To Get Away With DNA"  lol.  No, really.

My genetics class is taught be a very highly revered professor; his rate-my-professor scores are almost a perfect 5 (1-5 scale) and accurate.  Funny, irreverent, a slight British accent and pronunciation (Zed vs zero) all add to the class.  He gives anecdotal information that add to the lessons and generally, are pretty funny.

Because I'm older (hence the non-trad header), I can often pick my professors and do so based almost entirely on their scores.  I read the reviews to make sure it's not some angry student who bashes a prof because the student themselves failed to do the work.  By and large, reading through the reviews, I also glean information on how to get an "A".

See.  My secret?  I still don't know if I'm smart enough!  Seriously.  I still inwardly wonder.

The 2nd exam is this coming week.

How have I prepared?  Much like I do every other class:

1)  attend all lectures
2)  type all notes from lecture while there into the PowerPoint (if provided)
3)  write the notes from lecture on a thick/heavy colored paper
4)  do all suggested problems and annotate any lectures notes with information that helps enforce the lesson
5)  do all provided quizzes at least twice (first time: looking up answers and annotating the quiz; 2nd time without notes/books/etc)
6)  draw ... yes, I know... I draw everything... I also get straight A's.  Go figure.  :)
7)  do the problems again

Genetics is a lot of math.  OR at least my class is.  I do those many times to make sure I know.

And last?

BRS Genetics review for USMLE Step 1 book notes and questions.  Yes, I use that now.

And praying that in December when grades are posted, I will have yet another A to put on my 2016 AMCAS application!

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