Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MCAT Accommodations

They're not easy to get and also, much like the application for medical school itself, not easy to figure out HOW to apply for accommodations.

But I have.

Parts of the MAO that are critical:

1)  your past history of being accommodated in school (elementary through college) AND at work

I submitted all of my accommodations letters for all semesters of my premed pre-reqs AND my formal request for accommodations (a private office ;) ) at work

2)  documentation from a psychologist or other licensed healthcare practitioner who is qualified to assess whatever disability you might have which might allow you to have accommodations from AAMC

My diagnosis for ADHD was done over a span of 8 hours of testing while NOT on Concerta.  IT was ugly, and my brain hurt.  But I did get a 40 page diagnosis that substantiates my ADHD and need for private room for testing (and extended time).

3) transcripts... 

Mine arrived today... forgot how utterly FUGLY they were ... F, D, W, C-, A (Topics in Sex no less), A (band) and more W's, D's, C's sprinkled a few B's and finally I graduated... in 1989.

But what shows how my disability affects me is this:

premed prereqs are?


Same university, different courses, on Concerta, in a private room with extended time and wallah... 3.97.

Some people say it's unfair.  Some people say it gives me an advantage they don't have.

I disagree.

Accommodations level the playing field so that I can show what and how well I know what I know (and what I don't!!).  Accommodations simply give me a fair chance.

AND, AAMC is NOT - emphasize that point NOT - known for granting accommodations; so I also prepare as if I won't get them...

4)  cover letter which is different than a personal statement used for the actual medical school application... 

In keeping with the limitation on the personal statement, I kept my cover letter to the same length.  Given I'm 50, I have 45 years of history of academic trouble, behavior patterns of being disruptive to show and then, post diagnosis and on medication, solid grade, no behavior trouble, and yeah.  Life is good.

I submit the whole accommodations application on Monday, April 6, 2015.

And hope I hear by May.  I'll let you know.


njdr2b said...

I wish you all the best in all of your endeavors. My son has adhd. It can be complicated at times. Sometimes I think it stems from trauma almost like ptsd. Your perseverance is a blessing to see. How were you introduced to the idea of getting tested? Please email me at njdr2b at gmail dot com if u dont mind sharing your story. Really suspecting that my husband has it too. More like add because he has too many symptoms. Hope to hear from you soon.

A Doc 2 Be said...

My accommodations letter was returned NOT as a denial but as a "request further information"...

The in-depth testing done by PhD for ADHD in 2012 was exactly...

1 month too old :(