Saturday, September 19, 2015

Genetics - Test 1

Started genetics this semester.  Wanted to keep the science mind going while I await the MCAT test in January (more on that in later post).

Much of molecular genetics I got in my biochem class a few years ago.  We had to know the shape of the purines, pyrimidines; what is different between RNA and DNA; how that is impacted by various amino acids, etc.

So far this semester, the class has covered the history of genetics way back to Aristotle and the many ways different philosophers to scientists tried to explain heredity.  Fascinating factoids.  We even covered eugenics.

My professor is well acclaimed and for good reason.  He makes the class funny, interesting; tells stories of the impact of not understanding the underlying genes in his home village.  Provided several links to sites we can explore.

I sit tonight kind of bored, to be honest. I wish that meant I feel solid about an A on the midterm but I think it just means I'm bored.  The material is interesting but it "feels" like I've covered this multiple times.

When he speaks of probabilities, I'm doing the math in my head; experimental results and whether they can be relied upon (null hypothesis using chi square), forked lines, etc... all in my head.

Anyway, here's some cool sites to use:

Learn Genetics

Speaking of probabilities related to genetics (AND, OR rules):

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