Sunday, February 1, 2015

"That" Diagnostic Score You Received

is bunk.  If you let it bug you, you'll turn into a mini-me; procrastinating, FUD settling in, questioning the path... don't do it.

I took my first diagnostic about 8 months ago and clicked and pointed and clicked and pointed some more and then guessed.

My score showed it.

A few months into the prep course and I knew taking the exam in late January of this year was a no-go.  Thanksgiving hit, then Christmas back home with my dad and then ... a few weeks of blowing off studying and there I sat.

I gave up my seat for the exam.  Which was the absolute right thing to do.  Take it once, do very, very well on it and never look back is the common theme.

I agree.

Then came the 2nd diagnostic.  Of the new MCAT.  More biochem, less physics I said.  Win!  I exclaimed.  Diagram, I did while the test timer clicked down.

I still skimmed, still clicked and paused and guessed a few.  And realized I was not ready for the MCAT (good thing I canceled my seat!!!).

So, how to use the diagnostic:

Evaluate where weakness lies.

And then develop a plan accordingly.

I work full-time plus (over 45 hours a week).  Studying every day for 8 hours is not workable unless the PowerBall ticket I bought actually pays out the $317M on Weds.

Studying more efficiently for shorter periods will be the only way for me... then longer periods on the weekends.

Over lunch read the iPad app, or flashcards during breaks; writing equations while eating dinner.  Then, use the weekend extensively for intensive prep work; note card making, diagram creation, systems drawing, amino acids repetition...

Because honestly?  Using the diagnostic as anything but a pointer aka study guide is dumb.

And anyone pursuing med school is not dumb.  :)


Med School Odyssey said...

You should go back and read everything I've written about the MCAT.

Ignore diagnostic exams.

Also, quit letting perfect be the enemy of the good. Your MCAT score isn't going to be the reason you get into medical school.

A Doc 2 Be said...

MSO!!! I wish you were still blogging!!

I need a good MCAT score to overcome the age now of my pre-reqs (one of them is 6 years old or so)