Thursday, February 5, 2015

Interesting Sites - ID

I am going to sit for the MCAT.  My confidence grows.

I will get into medical school.  My resolve is growing as well.

I will be a doctor, and change my last name (I've kept my anonymity for such a long time, I'll continue to on here!)

So, as I shadowed the doctor on Monday, I started wanting to prep for his lecture on Mondays at noon.

And found this site:

From THIS site!

Holy awesome!

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Med School Odyssey said...

I'm venturing out of the hole I've been hiding in to reveal the deep, dark secrets no one wants to tell you.

The MCAT is not that big of a deal - it's a science exam with a few noteworthy characteristics:

1) It's a fantastic tool for evaluating scientific critical thinking, but....

2) ...bears absolutely no relation to how well you will do in medical school. And of course, ...

3) ...MCAT performance is completely unrelated to the quality of physician you will be.

Honestly, its nowhere near as hard as people make it out to be. Take the exam. Play the game. But ignore your score as a metric for whether you should go to medical school.

There are people with 37s that realize medical school isnt for them and there are people with 26s that make fantastic physicians.

Abandon the mystique. It's just a test.