Friday, April 23, 2010

And There In The Coolness Of The Vet Clinic

Storm, replete with tubes in his paw, blood draining out of his stomach, water dish lying empty
stood to attempt licking my face, slight wag of the tail, ears perked slightly when I asked, "Wanna come home?"

The news I have held my breath for, the news I gingerly asked for is here:

Me: "When will you be comfortable thinking he's gonna make it and the stomach won't turn necrotic?"

Vet: "I'm thinking he's gonna make it; I'm thinking he's going home... maybe even tomorrow."

And then tears... of relief, of joy, of finally NOT losing something precious to me.

Storm Trooper Extraordinaire.


Elizabeth said...

That is fantastic news!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! It should make you a believer in Provers 3:5. Enjoy your time with him this weekend and let him savor the coolness of your own floor.

If I could get it to you I'd donate stuff for the garage sale because the only cause better than paying for Storm's recovery is you paying for school.

Have a great weekend!