Thursday, April 8, 2010

Contract Went Poof (edited)

I thought my financial challenges were finally over. Not so… I was contacted by a hiring manager who needed two people for contracts that are with other VERY LARGE companies, companies like the ones I worked for; before I went crazy and embarked on my path to become a doc. He tendered both the full time position and contract to me and told me to pick. I chose the contract...

After all I can't be full time until I'm in residency (yes, I really said that). Anyway, contract it was. It would have been awesome to finally get back on my feet with money in the bank and to ending my near term financial challenges (my long term challenges are another story)... So did it happen? Noooooooo. The HR department caught wind of this and got upset that a mere VICE PRESIDENT went around them to get what hire whom he felt was the best qualified person for the job (i.e. me).

How DARE he!!!

So in a flash, like Santa up the chimney and FiFi's hair piece at the Westminster Dog Show, my contract went pooooooof! That really really sucks, but a good friend of mine always says “things always happen for a reason.” I know he’s right but dang it, I really needed that money. I was looking forward to not having to wrap pennies to afford a $5.00 pizza from Hungry Howies for my son and I to share. But I guess situations like these build character and helps prepare me for those 36 and 48 hour shifts I’ll no doubt be dealing with during my residency and internship.

How much can I take before I break? Go ahead and bring it on…but while you are at it, a nice job offer where I can balance work and school and pay my bills would really be nice too (hint, hint).

Okay, I'm done ranting. Just bummed. The contract would have been awesome. Great Dane puppy is... still available too. Dang. Arooooooooooooo….

(thanks mr pac... I owe you; actually, my future patients owe you but just for giggles, can I, once I'm divine, be like dr. grumpy and just let loose?!?!?)

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