Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Storm's Saga ...

He was transferred today back to his regular vet. Reluctant to get into the truck with its small side doors but too weak to jump into the back like normal.

7 days and he's gone from jumping into truck to wobbling on his feet

The trip seemed to be too short... half an hour to the regular vet's office, another half hour to convince Storm to walk down the plank, catheter sticking out of his leg and all.

My vet's face said a lot... he does not hold out hope that the recovery can be complete enough for Storm to not need daily sub-dermal injections of IV fluids, 500 cc... every day.

I can do that short term, I have no problem with that but long term quality of life for a great dane that 7 days ago was happy, perking his ears, wagging his tail, and begging to crawl onto my bed with me.

Quality of life for my boy... am I trying to give him that? or am I just being really greedy?

Hard to decipher what I feel when mostly, it is just empty. He perked his ears in the back end of the truck at the vet office, I took that as a good sign... even raising his head to get a better look. I kind of think he'd rather just be home getting medicated, not in over-nighted in a kennel. I kind of think he'd rather he was with me, sleeping on the floor next to him for short periods of time, not merely smelling the scent of his family.

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Slamdunk said...

Sorry to hear that about your furry friend.

There is a family near us who walks 3 Great Danes--my youngest thinks they are giraffes.