Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chart Reading 101 - Edited

Below are the readings that were ABNORMAL from Storm's charts yesterday at the university. They are apparently normal for a dog with kidney disease...

It does not tell me he will live, or whether he will be put to sleep.

It just is. His readings are better this afternoon, 24 hours post last labs. They are not normal quite yet, and he is still not eating.


BUN 87

Creatinine 3.8

.6 - 1.6

Osmolality 321

285 - 310

Alkaline Phosphatase 1469

8 - 139

GGT 35

0 - 6
Amylase 2535

275 - 1056


Elizabeth said...

What were his sodium, potassium and calcium and the reference ranges If you don't mind my asking. Does he perk up with IV fluids? Has anyone checked for Addison's?

A Doc 2 Be said...

The sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus were all in normal range... the only stats out of range were the ones I listed (and one other liver enzyme)

Old MD Girl said...

I hope he gets better, Ad2B!

At least (in humans anyway) acute renal failure is usually reversible. Did they tell you what they think caused it? My guess would be prolonged hypovolemia, but I could be wrong.