Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ochem 1 and Biology During Summer

I'm thinking about it.

Ochem is without lab. The lab comes after 2nd semester of ochem and is worth more credits than either ochem 1 plus ochem 2 lecture.

Biology is every night M - Th.

Ochem 1 is every day M -Th.

That would allow me to focus on ochem 2 in fall, and physics with lab, plus an American Indian studies class (humanities requirements filler that will be new, and no included in old ugrad GPA).

It would also allow me to toss in biochem at the UD level in fall... which would be ideal because then come spring it'd be:

ochem lab - 4 cr
physics 1 - 4 cr
MCAT prep

Now for a little contract to come about so I can pay for it all!!! And not be scrambling to pay the rent.


ForeverRhonda said...

Sounds like you have a good plan in place! I will keep my fingers crossed that you get a contract.

Med School Odyssey said...

I don't know what all of your other commitments are outside of school, but that sounds doable. It'll be intense, but it will help that your organic chem lab isn't until after the sequence is complete. Does your biology class have a lab attached to it?

My first course when I was an undergrad was physics which I took over the summer. I probably spent 20 hours a week preparing for that class, so I'd imagine you'll be expected to invest roughly the same for organic chemistry.

Best of luck to you - I'll keep reading to see how things work out this summer.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Well, depending on whether or not my son is at home:

I work part time to full time, take care of the house, him, my aging parents, and now, my bloated/recovering great dane.

My plate is full.