Thursday, April 1, 2010

Showing Great Danes ...

My toe is perched above the water of showing great danes. For several years, I've meandered to different dog shows, watched the magnificent dogs and considered owning a show dog.

It is not taken lightly.

Unlike the pet in the house, the show dog is... well... different. It is almost like they "know" they are special much like the blond haired, blue-eyed, porcelain skinned cheerleader in high school knows "she" is special too. The pup I'm looking at is gorgeous.

Why a puppy with all that I have going on?

Hobby time. For years I have had none save for the horse I owned and hoped to enter into dressage - before she tossed me on my head (oooh... that may explain a thing or two...) and my hidden gamer talent (look up Etheryelle on any server in Warcraft and you know the rest of THAT story) that I only take out of the box when my son asks me to. Beyond that - I've hit a few golf balls - straight, I might add - , played a few instruments with some modicum of mediocrity, and read boring books that sound patterned and lame after three or four by same author (Patterson, if you're wondering).

So, a show puppy is possibly coming home. A loving, warm blooded friend to work with and enjoy while he prances and "knows" he is special. A loving and beloved fur kid to keep me occupied on weekend when books and lab reports need to be on the backburner. A puppy to allow my brain to love doing something else... and possibly along the way, new friends.

What to do?!

By the way, great danes are among the finest of dogs. Those of you with little "fifi's" or prima donna poodles know - the small dogs are awesome... but the wow factor comes with a dane.

Danes are different. They "know" they are something else and sometimes, they even act as if they are truly the “shiz”… Of all the breeds I’ve owned, rescued, transported, loved, grieved over, and adored, the danes have captivated me like none other. They don’t eat as much as one might think, they don’t poop as much either
J Healthy, well bred danes are not prone to gastric torsion (bloat) or other dysplastic problems, and also come with an amazing temperament. Danes.

I know what I want to do. Question is, will I?!


Old MD Girl said...

Hm.... My family has always had standard poodles, and "prima donna" is about the last phrase that comes to mind in describing them. William caught a squirrel just last week. Polly liked to roll in carrion and swim in the lake.

I mean, Great Danes are nice and all, but don't hate on the poodles, is all I'm saying. The standards in particular can be really nice animals.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Definitely NOT hating on the tinier breeds (nor those with larger brethren) - I have been owned by mini-dachshunds...

Just saying:

Standard Poodle vs. Great Dane :P

Did you get your 2nd dog yet !? :D

Slamdunk said...

That would be great for you.

Owning a Great Dane would be fantastic. Our neighbors have three of them and walking down the street they look like a herd of horses.

Old MD Girl said...

Hee. Working on it.


A Doc 2 Be said...

I have a great dane (two, but who's counting when the one is probably not long for this world).

This one would be a show dog... and did I mention, he's gorgeous!?

Elizabeth said...

Check for Addison's in the line. It is an expensive disease to treat in the dane. I adore them by the way, almost as much as Labradors.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thanks for suggestion on Addison's.

The breeder is nationally renown and does all testing. Her dogs are absolutely gorgeous.

However, sadly, the contract I'd expected and been told I had, did not come through as the company's HR department put a clamp on the hiring manager. Therefore, I'm $8,000 a month shorter than I was, and sans the great dane puppy. :(