Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finding Balance Between Son's Life & Mine

Today, my son needed to be at his very new job at 7 AM. Totally bunks up my typical Sunday of planting my butt in the library conference room at the school and hunkering down to do homework problems and study. Generally, after 9 hours of sitting in the library, I've completed all the next week's assignments so I can focus on life instead.

Son needed to be at work at 7 AM. I was still groggy. Went back to bed. Son gets off work at 3 PM and of course, wants a ride home (we live about 1.5 miles from the job site). So, to mix it up a little more, I take Concerta.

I'm a mindless, wandering mess without it. "Ooooh, look it's sunny outside which means the ray is about 560 nm which is calculated using Planck's constant, speaking of which the constant in my life is the great dane and the golden retriever who really needs a trim and like, wow, maybe I should go blonder for the summer" all in the span of maybe 5 seconds. Yeah, that's my brain OFF Concerta.

Anyway, the side effect of Concerta is that I'm... focused. Very focused. Once in that zone, it is hard to break the concentration and also, once the concentration is broken almost impossible to get back on track. If I take the medication after 10 AM, I'm unable to sleep at night essentially pulling a physically exhausting but mentally stimulating overnighter of which, I do not want.

So, I'm sitting in a coffee house right now, typing on this blog, wondering if at 12:30 PM I should take a Concerta, get started on my homework problems, get caught up and assignments that are late into the instructor OR if I should "well, it's a sunny day out, take the dane for a run, and check out the new shoes which would be awesome because Asics came out with new Nimbus' this year and once this year is over I will be applying to med school, not merely looking at it and like wow, my eyes are bad, I should get new cheaters which I hate by the way because anyone who cheats should be kicked out of school..."

You get the picture.

Grrr. Guess I'll take it, get the work I can done, pray I can get back on track after picking him up, and pray that he doesn't have another early morning shift anytime soon!


Ella said...

Oh that's so me it's disgusting.

A Doc 2 Be said...


Yesterday was a disaster! no Concerta, no work done... but lotsa half-assed, messed up, semi-woulda done it stuff.

rhonda said...

I'm exactly like that. My brain is so full speed and no direction.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Mine's more like colliding electrons in the Hadron Collider experiment!