Sunday, April 25, 2010


In 26 days I can kiss chemistry buh bye and while I really love the subject, I'm really, really sick of thermo, rate laws, ... and can't wait to get back to biochem, micro, and bio.

Looming exam prep? Nada. Yikes!!

Looming lab report write up? Nada. Yikes!!

Looming garage sale to pay-for-vet-bill-was-to-pay-for-tuition prep? Nada. Yikes!!

Maybe I should not be here, finding any reason whatsoever to stall.

Oh look! Storm wagged his tail and licked his lips, that surely must mean *something*, right? :D


Anonymous said...

I love chem too! I was really glad to see the end of it after college though.

Glad to read your dog is better.

rhonda said...

Glad the pup is better!

I have Chemistry in the fall....I'm looking forward to it being that I am finally having a full semester of science courses!!