Friday, April 2, 2010

Everything I Needed To Know Re: Letters

I learned in about 3rd grade, from the teacher that made me sit in the hallway, with my desk facing the wall... all year.

One, fold the letter in three, with the address for individual or company on outside, then back, then forward so the ensuing paper looks like an inverted "N".

Two, stuff the envelope such that the name and address are the first items one sees upon opening the envelope.

Three, use nifty water bottle to lick/stick envelopes shut.

Four, use appropriate postage.

Five, kiss letters goodbye.

Why would I devote an entire blog post about this?

Because. Because once upon a time I was the vice president of a very large, global, publicly held company running an efficient and cost-effective group of 25 individuals... (yes, I realize that is a fragmented sentence!)... Because once upon a time, I had no dream and no direction. Because once upon a time, I had $kad$ in the bank, checks rolling in, and time/money were my friends.

Now, I'm a poor college student making ends meet, looking for that elusive contract opportunity, and remembering 3rd grade (and the teacher who hated me most). Now, I'm chasing a dream and doing anything (and everything) I can, to get there.

Here's to licking stamps... almost done. Award letters (and not so) for those who applied during this year's open call for proposals.

Looking forward to being done with this!

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