Thursday, November 6, 2014

MCAT Study Prep - Kaplan Way

In all seriousness about the looming exam, I made a schedule today.  Had a mini-freak out when I realized I'm about T-9 weeks to exam which means, frankly, I'm T-8.5 weeks away from learning any new data points, tips or tricks.

I missed a biology class last night due to work.  Kaplan is good at giving a rescheduled time to make the class up which is awesome, but I had to fit it in between molecular genetics, circuits, the kidney, thermodynamics, and the other base MCAT courses in my full Kaplan class (online, if you're wondering).

So, when my head spins and my mind goes blank, I get back to the basics... draw a calendar and plot the days out.

When will I study, when will I have class and when do I work (actually, I do that one first).

Below is what my life looks like.  Come December it will be almost entirely 100% full length exams and review for what I get wrong.

In January, it will simply be full length exams and increasing the pace.

Two years ago, I gave up the dream after a dratted "B" in medicinal biochem.

T - 8.5

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