Monday, February 8, 2016

Where It Started & Where It Continued

I believe my first post for this blog in 2008 was written about my 4th grade teacher, Garry Ranthum.  And not wanting to bore you here (or anywhere), I'm simply posting the 4th grade class picture including, the one and only Garry Ranthum who lost his battle with leukemia in 1976 (I think it was '76) and caused the eyes of many, many students to well up and weep.

Garry... was one in a million.  Took all the "bad" kids, including David Sill who found a used condom by the hockey rink boards and brought it into class (for starters, "I" did not know what that was but everyone else was laughing so I did too!).  He took kids who were dyslexic and instead of making them continue to feel like failures, he helped them succeed.  He took bored kids whose desk was permanent put in the hallway prior to his class, and welcomed her into class helping her finish 4th grade math and science by the Christmas break.

I am the tall brunette with pigtails in red ribbons in the corner... without a dunce hat!

Garry.  RIP.  He will never be forgotten by any of us who had him.