Thursday, June 22, 2017

Time Away - Time Spent Wisely

Each year in late April or early May, I get bombarded with requests to review personal statements for the med school application cycle.  It's an honor to be included in people's lives at a most anxiety ladled time with their most personal stories of "Why Medicine" and often with non-trads, "Why Now?"

This year, I took a break.  Helping others is, at my core, who I am.  Almost like I can't help myself from stopping to forward my own life to help someone else conquer their dreams.

This year, it had to be different.

This IS my last app cycle.

Cycle #1: ill prepared, WTH was I thinking trying to take the last pre-2015 MCAT without physics 1 or 2????  Seriously!?  dumb.

Cycle #2: prepared for the cycle, everything ready but "life" intervened, I got sidetracked helping others (my choice), and as my NP told me a few months ago, "Just excuses, really.  You're afraid of the MCAT."  She was right.

Cycle #3: I'm here. This is it.  I may be considered "late" because I won't be complete until mid-August but, I'll be complete.  I'll have taken the MCAT, taken the extra courses, and stabilized my life (thanks to the hospital group I'm about to start working for).

The point to the above is this:

Never give up.  If this is what you're meant to do, then do it.

I've waited almost 30 years to complete an app cycle.  This year, I will.