Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Sleep In 4 Months

Went to my own doc yesterday... the last few/several months having finally taken their toll on my body, mind, energy; I feel like $#it. Physician asked me how often I slept through the night, I could not remember the last time. Physician asked me about my test anxiety, I said it was controllable now and that I no longer blackout during the exam.

So, she said she was going to prescribe Ambien for me but gave this gentle warning:

Try it on the weekends first so you don't get med-head and are drowsy all day.

And this:

There are some reported cases of sleepwalking, people cooking while on it that the individuals don't remember the next day. People have been found outside, wandering, then brought home and do not remember that either.


wear clothes to bed now.

I tend to like to sleep... without them. hee hee (TMI TMI TMI)

No need for the neighbors, or my son, to see ... what a doctor sees :D

And with that, I started to giggle... which spread to a full on chuckle... which then led me to completely laugh.

Felt great!


rhonda said...

My boss uses ambien and she loves it. Did you get time released ones?

A Doc 2 Be said...

I did not buy them yet ... a little short on $$ given Storm's med bills...

Mi said...

Wow! I really hope you get your normal sleeping pattern back.

K said...

Oh, my God, I don't know what test you're talking about, but I'm taking the MCAT in 3 weeks and I am beside myself and can't find a good spot at home. I'm compulsively studying (even though I know that at this point it's probably not as helpful as before). I feel trapped in my own head almost - like I want to take a break, but as soon as I do, I start feeling guilty that I'm doing something *other* than studying. I then sit down (feeling guilty the whole time I'm cooking, cleaning, etc) and I can't retain anything because I'm tired. I feel so dumb. I am learning relaxation techniques... and I don't remember the last time I slept through the night without getting up at least once or twice or dreaming about medical school, the MCAT, people telling me about either or some combination of one or the other!!!! And the scary thing is, even if we do well on the MCAT, who says we will get in?! Right!? One thing at a time... right... :))))

OMDG said...

K -- The studying you're doing now is the MOST IMPORTANT. DO NOT STOP.

AD2B -- I got a pretty good chuckle imagining you wandering your neighborhood in the buff.