Sunday, July 4, 2010

And Back To Life...

Mr. Zim's graveside service was poignant; a reminder to all of us that material possessions only mean so much and that the reality is, a good life means many people at your grave, mourning their loss. As it was with Mr. Zim.

The cabin was full of life. Kids running around jumping in the lake, the boats going to and fro in front of the cabin, inside people milled and either reminisced about their family - greeting long lost cousins with warm hugs - or introducing themselves to the non-family members present... my mom, dad, and me.

The eldest son has a PhD as does his wife. They know my path to med school, but also the path to PhD if med schools turn up their noses at me. What I found encouraging is that they didn't seem to think my age was a problem, especially if my grades remain where they've been, my MCAT score high. We talked about me taking calculus during my glide year in preparation for PhD program. I don't want to fit it in now, and I have substantial statistics from psych, business, and engineering perspectives. The M of the BCPM is well taken care of but PhD programs require calculus. I'm also thinking I could maybe do it though independent study.

So, today it is back to life... and focusing on living. With BBQ, fireworks, and parents in tow, it should turn out to be a grand evening.

May yours be as well!! :)

Make it a great day today, and a better one tomorrow!


Slamdunk said...

It sounds like you have options and it is good to bounce ideas off of folks who know. Happy 4th.

Beth said...

Don't know if you're avoiding calculus because you think it would be hard or because it's just too had to fit it in. But if it's because you think it's hard, don't worry. It's easy and fun! (I took it in high school, so it could be much different at a college level.)

Good luck with decisions!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Not afraid of calculus because it would be hard, I love math.

I'm a little bit jittery about hurting my current GPA with a less-than-B+ grade.

What I'm thinking, is that I would take it after I've submitted my apps in 2011, during my "glide" year...

But first things first:

I may quit the journey.