Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Car Window Fixed, Bank Contacted...

Been a busy few days trying to get the car cleaned out - who knew that glass sprayed like that. It was everywhere, and even in places where I could not reach with tiny suction device, glass perched glistening at me in the sun... and the high humidity! The window was replaced, I can now drive safely again without the gold laminate on my front teeth, spinning rims, low rider stance, with very loud bass enhanced rap playing.

My contact at the bank stated the bank will and can do everything I've asked up to and including manage the account so that I remain anonymous with the couple as the only signers on the account meaning they can withdraw on a specified date (specified by me). On top of that, the bank will donate $50 and possibly matching funds to a certain level in order to help this elderly couple.

Right now I'm waiting on two things before I push forward:

1) I want to know whether they will get the insurance reimbursement for the loss of the coins
2) I want to know if the coins were in fact found or turned over by the coin dealers to the police department; or if tidbits and hints were given to the police

Once I know that the couple is truly out the money, has little hope of recovering the coins or recouping their loss through insurance, I will proceed with the donation account.

Make it a great day ~

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