Friday, July 9, 2010

My Hands Went Cold

The drama in my life started when the company I worked for repeatedly had issues in their financial statements, above and beyond what is considered material. Eventually, I was asked my opinion, I gave it - RESTATE, my life as it was unfolded and crumpled into a gigantic mess.

Yes, the SEC contacted me and yes, they vindicated me and supported me. However, without being given a fancy piece of paper, I am unwilling to say anything more than what was legally put forth by my attorneys (a term I use lightly).

Today, for whatever reason, the legal department of that company has decided to see what havoc they razed upon my life; I'm sure the butt of all jokes around the company notwithstanding, they also know the company did wrong.

Just another reason I cannot go full time back into the business world. While I care about the people's health and well being - even the people who did this to me, I do not fit with the fire to destroy someone in order to get ahead.

Apparently, the company executives there, still gloat over destroying someone's life. Apparently, that I did not commit suicide, or end up in psych ward was not enough for them. Too bad for them the spine up my backside is far stronger than they anticipated, and too bad for them, my opinion of the wrong doing at that company still stands strong.

If only, I'd get a pretty piece of judge signed paper from the SEC to testify.

Vindication always tastes sweet.

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