Friday, July 2, 2010


even the priest had "dust in the eye" syndrome, had to stop and catch his breath before continuing with the Commendation.

Mr. Zim's loving, adoring, living, and very much grieving wife, children, and grandchildren shared stories of their father, and listened to dear friends tell their stories as well.

My dad choked up reading a poem he had written for Mr. Z. I've never seen my father cry.

The dying man's son had made a promise to his beloved father that he would sing, "You Are My Sunshine" to Mrs. Z. after the funeral. The son could barely whistle, "Please Release Me" let alone sing the song. So the people at the luncheon stepped in to sing and help the son fulfill the promise to his father.

Mrs. Z asked how I was doing in school, asked how long until I could apply; the kids asked me as well. Did not seem appropriate to tell them it has been less than smooth sailing, instead just smiling and saying with each bump, I put my foot upon the ground and take another step on the path.

Mrs. Z said "Don't stop."

No one was at peace today, except for Mr. Z. Holding his hand I whispered a silent, and not heard, thank you to a man who probably never knew how much I loved him... and his family.

I was blessed by his family's presence in my life. And I hope I too can honor her words by "not stopping."

Right now, really - right. now. Please count your blessings. Please let those whom might be distant from you know that you care - even if not the actual words, through deeds.

Make it a great day.

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