Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trolls :)

Ogres and other people who have to try and drag others down... misinterpreting posts or just being a royal pain.

I've taken the blog to a place where if you want to comment, you have to be signed in.

Sorry, I'm just amused that someone has to stalk me on the blog, post silly diatribes to me in private. If the person really wants to have their negative feedback and commentary published, then they will have to sign in. Ask OMDG, she called me on being possibly unprepared for an exam and some might have said it sounded like a b@#$y thing to say. It wasn't. It was her honest feeling that I'd fubarred studying (which I hadn't). Her op. Professionally stated. I posted it.

I have no problem being told someone doesn't agree with my opinion. I don't even have a problem with someone saying they don't want to read it anymore. That's okay too. There are a bazillion blogs out there to read, I'd say find one that you like, and stick with it.

In my case, I tend to be fairly middle of the road on most topics. I can see the good in every situation, no matter how difficult, or how obscure. I see good in all people - mostly - Ted Bundy, et al being the exceptions.

I do not like Obama's health care plan. He blows. I did not like Bush's venture into Iraq, nor his pandering to Wall Street. Blobama Care and Iraq - vastly different issues, same opinion from this writer of the man behind the ink.

Comment what you will on what you want, just keep it civil and professional.


OMDG said...

I'm sorry if my comment came off even a little bitchy. :-)
Sometimes -- even if it's not true -- it helps me to think that I had trouble with an exam because I was under prepared. That way I still have control of the situation (in my mind) and can potentially fix the problem by studying harder. Just my perspective. It sounds like you did great anyway

Are you getting a lot of negative comments about your Obama-rant or something that you're not posting? I mean, from my perspective, it just seemed like a rant. I don't especially agree.... but I don't entirely disagree either.... and anyway, people get really bent out of shape when they find out that others don't share every single political opinion with them.

It might help if when you ranted about Obama's health care reform, you sited specific things you were concerned with (I'd find it interesting, anyway). Otherwise it has a tendency to sound like you're quoting Rush Limbaugh. And you know how Rush Limbaugh makes liberals feel.

I hope that helps. Chin up. And good for you for not being afraid to be controversial. I don't even have the balls to talk about how well things are going for me because I'm afraid I will alienate some people and be called conceited. (The flip side is if you complain to much, readers say that all you do is whine. And if you don't do either, then your blog becomes about as interesting as the weather.)

A Doc 2 Be said...

OMDG, your comment was not bitchy to me at all. Your comment said that you might sound like it. Not me.

I took your feedback to be honest and pointed.

The political rant… See, what puzzles me is I also say in that post that I don't like BUSH either... or at least, I think I did. And I know, more than once, I've stated that I have not voted for a GOP presidential candidate since before Clinton and in fact, have written in Colin Powell's name instead. (Meaning: I did not vote for Obama... haha.)

I have a person, whom has made my commentary personal and it might be, that the individual IS making it personal because the individual knows me, or knows of me.

When comments thrash at me personally, it is no longer professionally addressing what issue the writer does not agree with but rather a personalized attack. Taking an entire comment to tell me why that individual won’t read my blog anymore is:

1) immature on that person’s part
2) trying to control MY behavior and the content of my blog

Neither of which I prescribe to. I don't want/need/encourage that kind of discussion in my real life, nor on my blog. If the individual doesn’t like what I write, tell me. Professionally without name calling, without telling me I’m stupid or insensitive, or worse, that I don’t care about the poor. HELLO!?!?!? I AM POOR!

If someone wants to say why they think the Obama plan is good, then I'm all ears. My first questions would be, however:

1) How old are you - if younger there is a different perspective because the parents are not elderly which the Obama plan affects greatly

2) Did you (the individual) actually READ the 1999+ pages of the thing, or merely presume to understand it from what is being perpetuated by a DFL leaning media.

BUT, point taken:

I'm going to try over the weekend to post what specific points I do not like about the plan.

Last, I do believe that everyone should have the right to healthcare AND dental care. As of RIGHT NOW, I have neither. When my CT scan was done this past weekend of my head, I WAS worried about the potential for catastrophic brain tumor causing my headaches rather than car accident and what that would mean for treatment as I would not have any means to pay for it... which means, I die an early death.

BTW, can't stand Limbaugh either. What is it that the far right sees in that waste of blubbering goo?!