Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Happens To All Of Us

but when death happens to "family" it hurts no matter how long one knew it was coming.

I'm older, if you've followed my blog at all, you already know that.

On Monday, my dad celebrated his 80th birthday. 80! I wonder when my dad got to be so old... which scares me a bit.

My 2nd "father" passed yesterday. Reminded me once again how precious life is (not that I needed reminding afterall, I survived my first son Austin who died of SIDS at 6 months). Reminded me yet again, that my own father no matter how irritating he can be, is only here for a short time.

I feel like I want to rush out and document all the memories so when his day comes, I remember ALL of it... as I am trying to do now, with Mr. Zim.

The slides (remember those??? or not) from my parents traveling with Mr. and Mrs. Zim; Mr. Zim always SOOOoooooo conservative but I think it is fair game now, I can tell the story about him dancing up the aisle in a grass skirt aboard the 747 from Honolulu. Or the story about when he used to take us little kids in the B I G boat around the lake and tell haunted stories about Boy Scout Island and the witch... scaring us so that even when I grew older and kayaked across the lake, I was ... nervous.

I want to remember all of the stories of Mr. Zim. I need to remember them all. For in each one of those stories is one about my own parents and the bond between our families that has spanned almost 60 years.

Life is never long enough, or complete enough. Maybe that's the lesson I'm to take from this. Mr. Zim had a full life but I'm very sure he had no desire to develop Alzheimer's, and absolutely no desire to be a burden upon Mrs. Zim. I have no doubt Mrs. Zim ever minded caring for him, in their home for the several years that he suffered from the affliction.

I'm all over the map. I'm bummed. I'm remembering and wanting those to be the reality, not a faded memory of a childhood left far behind with people that I cherish and adore.

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Slamdunk said...

I am hoping to have some of those great memories for my kids to share--goofy stories of usually reserved dad making us laugh.