Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Contract Awarded, Contract Went Poof, House Update

Who knew wanting to get to med school would be so circuitous, treacherous, and loaded with a roller coaster of emotion.

Had to go back to the old house last night. The US Postal Service now charges $1 to change your address, unless you print out the former cards the service used, take to the old postal office, and submit. The USPS no longer has the cards on hand. Guess bailing out Wall Street not only will come through our taxes but through our service fees at governmental agencies. Sigh, I digress.

Anyway, back at the old house's mailbox, in the dark of night so as to avoid seeing any of my former nosy, classless neighbors, I grabbed the mail. Not as full as I'd expected but there some interesting tidbits:
  1. A letter from Wells Fargo dated MAY 10, 2010 stating my new interest rate is effective June 1, 2010 with the new payment due on July 1, 2010. Apparently, the dolts at the bank forgot to tell whoever took my home, the bank now owns my former home. Good luck with me paying for the new mortgage. Deja vu. I might remind everyone: A letter dated November 9, 2009 stated a similar arrangement ~ less interest, new payment, due in a month. Went to make payment, bank f@#$ed up and my home was actually gone.
  2. A letter from Wells Fargo dated MAY 10, 2010 asking for an updated insurance policy on said home further stating that my former policy had expired on April 1, 2010. Really? Didn't know that I'd still been paying insurance on a home that was no longer mine.
  3. A letter from the insurance company for the $30,000 loss, wondering why I had not cashed checks in the amount of $29,700 for the loss. Trying to figure out if I can let the insurance company know that Wells Fargo would not let me cash the checks to fix the damage by said loss, and is now the sole owner of said house. Wells Fargo in it's "right hand didn't talk to the left hand" not only ended up foreclosing on a home that I believe it was not entitled to do, nor did it follow due process, but now was upside down in a house that has extensive structural damage from original builder, and water damage from last spring. Interesting, had the letters dated May 10, 2010 been in effect last year instead, the damage would have been repaired, the house sold, and both the bank and myself whole. But lest that be logical, the bank representatives apparently are short sighted and not nearly savvy enough to realize a win-win scenario... only what "policy states." Good luck, Wells Fargo. Several states are lining up to sue the large bank for fraud. I hope some state takes up the action about stupidity but I guess states don't legislate that, do they?
  4. A letter to my son, from himself, dated September 3, 2003. At the end, he said he hoped that his mom and "evil' (name specifically assigned to this d... bag) are happy and married when he receives it 6 years from writing. We read it last night. Evil. Evil caused so many issues in our lives that still linger today. Evil. We saw the name and there was dead silence. The letter was written in the manner that only a 6th grader could do. He was trying to be happy about his new step-dad (evil) and optimistic. Six years later all we could do is be silent, take out an eraser, and wipe Evil's name off the letter. Six years later, the damage done by that waste of human flesh is still apparent in my son's life... the anger still steaming out of my son's ears.
It was not hard to drive away from the old house. There are no BIG BLARING SIGNS SAYING LOSER LOST HOME FOR SALE, no stapled letters to the front door, the lawn was mowed, but it is apparent, no one lives there anymore.

It was hard to have the letters from Wells Fargo, dated long after I'd given the keys to their representative, long after the last tears were shed for a life lived not so long ago, long after the last time I locked the doors for good and said a quiet goodbye to my nosy classless neighbors.

Life moves on, and so I am too.

Contract awarded last week looked like it was in jeopardy this week when I asked for a different start date given my final exam looming next Thursday. I started putting out feelers for new engagements and was thrilled to find better contracts abound and if awarded, closer to home.

Happily, however, the contract is a go. I start on the 21st.

What a week. But with a hope renewed again, I move forward a little more. I can think beyond "WTF" to "This is how I'm going to do things"... and I can hope that someday, some state, goes after Wells Fargo for the bungling of their business model, the ineptness and cruelty dispensed without regard for the humans on the other side of their bungling and mismanagement. I hope it is class action. I know I'm not alone.

But today, I have hope. Today, I smile and know I will ace my final. Today, I can look beyond the utter darkness that loomed for almost three years. Today, I can study with relative calm and peace knowing my rent will be paid on time from now on, my friends are still my friends, and life is perpetually getting brighter again.

Make it a great day!

P.S. Thank GOD the Peruvian authorities have the kahonas to arrest that slime bucket Van der sNoot... I hope he rots. Peace to the many families who have had to endure his serial killer pathological nature. My heart goes out to them. When I think of my drama, it is nothing compared to theirs.


Slamdunk said...

What a haul of mail at the old house. Sorry about #4, that must be difficult.

I am with you on your PS note--what a guy.

K said...

Sad post. :( Hang in there! These are rough times for you.

A Doc 2 Be said...

K, These WERE sad times for me but those days are gone... what I try to post is how hard some days can be but how I get through them. My hope is that my own perseverance will help others get through their own travails.

SD, that idiot will not make it out of the Peruvian jails. I just hope that the Holloway family gets some closure as well. In addition, my hope is that Aruban officials give an apology to Natalie's family for their bungling, mismanagement, and obfuscating the law for their own ilk instead of punishing a sick, twisted man and truly saving another life. The death in Peru SHOULD HAVE BEEN prevented!

Ella said...

I'm so confused. How do you send a letter to yourself and it arrives 6 years later? What did I miss?

WordDoc said...

Haven't visited in awhile, glad to see you're still on track though the road is rough. Good luck with new job! and ongoing studies.