Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not So Screwed

I know, I panic. Slightly panicked again this morning looking for my propranolol... yeah, the tiny little beta blocker I take 20 mins pre-exam to stop my head from pounding. Can't find them.

Honestly, not sure I need them today. Obviously, if I'm blogging about an impending exam, I must be feeling pretty good. While not overly prepared, I also know that T-2 hours is not going to lend itself to any in-depth, relevant light-bulb-flashing moments. Therefore, I choose to blog and research.

I landed a contract this week at a manufacturing company and can't say loudly enough, I'm beyond over-the-moon thrilled. A safety net for me for the summer, a means to pay next fall's tuition as I start my final approach to med school applications and the MCAT.

My friends and family are thrilled. After 40 years of thinking about this path, almost 3 years struggling to find solid footing again, 1 year getting to and through the loss of a life that I once held so near and dear, I'm on the final approach. Next year at this time, I will have taken the MCAT, finalized my coursework, sending in gobs and gobs and more gobs of money in application fees, and praying for the one letter that says, "Congrats!"

The test today is not the most favored of my former classmates. The comments have ranged from "didn't expect all that biochem to be on it" to "really? when did we study that?" The biochem part I'm feeling awesome with. Nucleotides have 5 membered carbon rings with an amine attached. Condensation reactions pop off a water, and connect in the middle (think glucose and fructose pop off the OH- and the H+, creating Sucrose + 1 H2O). Addition reactions, break a bond, form another single bond with another carbon, and continue.

Ksp is similar to every other equilibrium constant we study. The principals are like equating what is similar between Excel and Lotus. Once the basics are known, it becomes a rudimentary flip of the variables to find what one is looking for. And then there is thermo. I love thermo, don't ask me why. I'm geeky that way... and I love math.

So, instead of panicking and looking for my beta blockers in a frantic, tense fashion, I'm blogging instead, thinknig of the rest of my summer (after the final on the 17th), the contract that is signed, my current (??) employer's request (BILL - YOU ROCK!!), and my life getting on again.

Make it a great day!

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Med School Odyssey said...

Glad to hear that things have gotten more manageable today - the tone of your last post sounded a bit frazzled.

Great to hear that you're making progress towards your goal - keep it up!